I got to get this off my chest

My butt smell like p***. Every time I wash my rump, it still smell like p***. I don't know what do. I eat a lot of stuff. And my breath smell like dead fish too. I brush my teeth once a week, because I don't eat sweets. But I do drank a lot of beer and licker. So tell me something good. I think I got this STD from this c*** roachie. I mean she was ugly. But , a hole is a hole... Right. I need some help cleaning this thang. I want a woman, but she might not be clean. I sure don't want no dirty smelly woman either. I don't eat raw meat fish or meat. That junk is nasty. I don't see how men and women do thst. I don't want throat cancer of the throat. Gotta go now. I got to try to clean my rump. This thang smells like rotten fish. And no I'm it going to no doctor. I don't want no corona virus. That junk is deadly. It can kill you.

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