All Religions project toward what can't be explained

Whether we call it "god" "divine" "oneness" "infinity" "dao/tao" "deity" "supernatural" "forces from beyond" "spirit" or anything in attempts to speak of what's beyond our ability to bring down to our level of awareness and experience of so called "reality" only works upon those who experience it from within. Blindly following others by the fluidity and impermanence of words is more often ineffective in bringing spirituality in your life. Rather you may end up experiencing pipe dreams and conduct wishful thinking.

You do not need gurus, masters, priests or any form of guidance but mainly your inner self. Though you may not realize that there is a difference between "self" and "you". "You" is the ego. "You" is the identity based on the mortal manifestation of body, mind, name, etc.

The "self" is who you REALLY are. The immortal/eternal existence that is only here and now forever. The "self" is actually the very source that we describe as such that is beyond.

Though we wonder who we really are, when we are always thinking one sided. We are the whole thing, and we forget and are unaware that we are all of this. Alive but partial.

Ironic that I use words yet some of you reading this may get it. ;)

Aug 19, 2020

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  • You are a mere child. You think you've figured out what had been a mystery to every human being for hundreds of thousands of years and by people far more intelligent and enlightened than you. If you are truly seeking truth than dont stop learning. If you are just parroting what your college professor has told you and are happy with that then please keep it to yourself as you would want the religious to not preach to you. I say keep going you've reached the first step.

  • No where in my post do I say that I "know it all" or have completed all levels of awakening. No I do not think that I've figured out the mystery. Mind you of your silly projections of me and overall rudeness. I never stopped learning and do pursue this with great compassion. I'm so used to the critical feedback from arrogant people like you and that's why I'm done with this disgusting website.

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