Help I need to become full a woman

From since i was 4 years old I have felt I should have been a girl I try all life to shake this feeling off but it keep come back , So now going to give into it so i need help to become the girl trapped in me , I will do any thing for the person who help me even it means being used or become a baby for them
But love to be a wife



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  • If you have a d*** you are a guy, work it out...

  • At four, you could not have understoodcthe difference between the two, much less which one you were supposed to be. I'm sure it feels like it's been there "forever", but it hasn't.

  • I’ve been wishing I was girl since I can remember. I loved wearing pretty dresses, lacy frilly clothes since I was 3 or 4. Whenever my mommy took my temperature when I was little up to like I was 8, it was with an a*** thermometer and it aroused me. She only stopped because she saw I “liked” it.

  • Love this. Nothing quite like a young man choosing a better life as a girl.

  • I did at 15 and now I'm a 62 year young lady.

  • Oh look, another mental case

  • Another mental case, you don't know what your talking about you ignorant mollusc !!

  • Oh look another d*******

  • I'll turn you into my b****

  • Ok i agree to be your b****

  • Can I be your b**** ;)

  • Oh yes love that

  • Then say it, say you're my b****

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