I know you'll never come back.

Im still in love with the thought of you. Time hasn't helped get you out of my head. I don't want to dream about you anymore.

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  • I can so relate to this. Get out of my head! Soulmate or not, I objectively know you're no good for me. Get yourself straightened out-- that's a long road-- and maybe we'll try again next life IF you've evolved.

  • I can relate. Sometimes there is always the one that got away. You just need to try and move on with your life, perhaps you'll always have days where you think of them, but you can turn it to your advantage- whenever you feel like that just make a real concerted effort to get out there and go on dates, meet new people. You'll meet someone better.

  • Move on. He is not dreaming of you. You deserve a real life and a real relationship. MOVE ON.

  • I KNOW HOW YOUR FEEL... It does suck and for me it's been 4 years since I have seen or heard from him...and I have held this tourch for him for more then 16 years...Sad isn't it...I go to bed at night saying ...I hate you.

  • thought i was the only one

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