Suzanne T.

When I was dating "V", she had a friend named Suzanne T. who was the sexiest woman I ever met, and I thought about her all the time. Every day. She was incredible. Unfortunately, she was married and so I never told her how I felt. Now, I don't date "V" anymore, and I don't care about Suzanne's marital status anymore, but now I find out that Suzanne left town and moved in with another guy and I don't have any idea where she is. All I can think about is finding Suzanne and convincing her to marry me. I'm so in love with her and nobody else even slightly interests me. I want Suzanne T. and only her.

Oct 27, 2013

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  • i am having a similar problem with one of my wifes freinds from her job. this woman is not even beautiful or very blatant in her sexuality but when i am around her or even think about her i have a constant hardon and there are days when she is all i can even think about. if she gave me even the smallest hint that she was interested in me or even that she would consider cheating on her husband i would jump at that chance and not care about anything else. i understand how you feel. the womans name is beverly and i love her.

  • What about,how your wife would feel? Do you have and open marriage? If you do,that's ok.But if you don't,why don't you divorce your wife and become a Batchelor.Then you can f***,whomever you like,with no strings attached!
    And even if you wanted this woman,she's married! Have respect and common decency,for her husband.Also,the bro code.She's a taken woman,so stop hoping to engage in adulterated s** with her!

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