I lost a fight in front of my girlfriend, what should I do?

my name's Jimmy me and my girl been together about 6 months and it's been great but the thing is me and her ex hate eachother we've never got along I've known him about 2 years but anyways one day he got drunk and called her a b**** and I got really angry and asked him to fight me (I'm not usually a violent person but it really p***** me off) and he pretty much beat the s*** out of me in front of her and I started crying😔 I told her I was fine and asked if she was ok and she said she was really embarrassed and I kind of am to

What should I do?

Sep 4, 2020

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  • First i would say you have the guts to face him. I don’t even have that so i deserve no woman in my life but yes i agree with comment below she is not a trust worthy person probably she is just using you. Leave her ass you deserve a better person than her

  • Well why is she around her ex? if she broke up with him why can't you both avoid him? he called her a bit h? for what reason? is she hanging around him? like I said why she is around him. you called him out he beat you up and you crying? that's a humiliation by itself. she embarrassed because you got beat? let her go back too get ex. why did she say besides she is embarrassed?

  • Excellent comments. All true. All bald.

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