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I used to be passionate about Muslim people being treated equal, exempting refugees, ext.

Since I’ve researched Islam, I think Islam is a cancer to the world. I’m compassionate towards all people, that’s why I hate Islam. They’re not really people like the rest of the worlds.

I’m an EU citizen. At first I was like “Lay! Diversity. I like naan and chai tea!” But now Muslims in the civilized world keeps me up at night.

Sep 5, 2020

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  • Any religion or ideology that includes "we're awesome and everybody else sucks" is like this. Examine your own beliefs as well and make damn sure you're not like that yourself. You probably are, and even more likely refuse to see it.

  • Jews didn’t crash planes into any buildings. Christians don’t blow themselves up. Budists don’t behead people.

  • Extremists of every creed and belief system do some pretty horrible things. It extends beyond religion too, so save your bullshit for someone who will hear it.

  • The people that did 9/11 are "fundamentalists." The Talaban and Al-Quita have commended Isis for their brutality, so its fair to call them "extreamists." Islam says to invade places, kill military aged men, rape the women, and make everyone Muslim like them. The profit Muhamad said to mutilate girls genitals to clense them of impurity.

  • Islam is the devils religion

  • The religion is mostly forced on the people.

  • You are not alone.

  • I could have written this confession myself...

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