I bet this is weird.

So, I have this fetish for guys stomachs and stuff. I really love it. Like when they growl or something I get so turned on by it. I dunno why, but it’s so hot to me. I would ** and play with myself while listening to this and I love it. But, I never told anyone it, and I feel ashamed of it. Also. Masturbation is like my thing, yes, I’m 14, and I love it. I’m a girl, and I hate to confess it but it feels so good in a way and I think it’s not normal to do that. Help?!

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  • You are a 40-year-old plus whte male, give us a break, I have seen this same post over and over in different forms from different men who are into children.

  • Hey I’m a girl and a teenager I ** to belly growling too I have Snapchat and instagram if you wanna talk

  • What’s your snap? Mines giogio_bizarre

  • Well i'm the same age, and i have the same fetish. My way of seeing it is "if its not hurting anyone or animal , then its fine. " this fetish is common. So i would'nt be to worried about it.

  • I’m a guy same fetish want to talk?

  • Hey I’m a guy who’s 15 and I’ll let you listen to my stomach if you let me listen to yours. Got Instagram?

  • Hi I’m a girl with the same fetish I’m 15. I play with myself while listening to belly growling videos if you wanna talk my instagram is dancenailah or my Snapchat is dancenai we can be friends

  • Are you there babe...

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