Catching my mum at it

My mum told me she's been seeing someone and he's younger than her by 18 years,I haven't really seen her much in the last 7-8 weeks and wanted to pay her a surprise visit but it was me who got the surprise when i walked in on her f****** my cousin,she's asked me to keep it a secret but don't think i can.

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  • FuckYOUand your sick incest post

  • Billy no mates he comes on every confession post making comments pretending others chat to him but he admitted he chats to himself.

  • Lol. He just doesn't get it. I keep telling him to stop replying to himself

  • Didn't your mother teach you anything Billy don't talk with your mouthful now spit them b**** out that's a good boy

  • Billy?

  • Fake incest propaganda. God quit thisCRAP we are tired of it.

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