I want my cat dead

My cat has a UTI, and she's still peeing everywhere... We changed the litter, the food, making it more comfortable but she's refusing to walk. She's a stubborn old hag and I'm fed up with her.

I just want to put her down.

Jul 22, 2014

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  • Pour gas on it, set it alight - problem fixed !!!

  • If by "it" you mean the OP, I agree.

  • Typical mental failure of a person. I bet you screeched and begged and threatened to cut yourself and made a huge stink about wanting a cute little kitten. Then she grew up, and omfg developed health issues!!!!!! omg omg

    Gonna do the same thing when you start pumping out babies? Dumb people love to make lots of babies they're not qualified to raise. Just chuck one in the nearest dumpster when it develops colic or gets hungry or whatever and crank out a fresh one! LOL

  • Is she dead yet ?

  • That is evil. you don't deserve her.

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