I remember the first time that I shared Diane with another man.
We had talked about it many times but she was always against actually doing it but we used t as a foreplay thing until recently Dug a fried divorced and he started visiting.
Diane was friendly with him and she and he flirted around like normal men and women do and I tried several times to get her interested in actually going for it but she always said no until last Saturday.
He had stopped by and we had a couple beers and Diane had some wine she is about two months pregnant and always h**** now .
I had told Doug about my fantasy so he already new but we were waiting for the right time.
We were all laughing talking about Monica Lewinski and Bill I said I bet Diane gives better head though than she did and Diane was laughing and slapped my arm still giggling and I said show him babe and she sobered up and glared at me and said that's enough but I pushed it talking reasonably and I said why not babe you like him don't you and she glanced over at him and said yes but I am married.
Several times I coaxed her until she finally said do what ever then
I took her left hand and I removed our wedding band and put it on her index finger She stood there her jaw rigid but I took her hand and she followed me to our bedroom and let me push her into setting position not saying a word Just looking straight ahead with her hands in her lap .
I was encouraged now and I gently laid her back and Doug was standing beside me watching closely as Diane just laid there now staring at the ceiling now .
I lifted her skirt above her waist and stepped back.
she was wearing black panties and some of her pubic hair was sticking out the sides. ( she has a very thick Pubic area )
I motioned for Doug to step up and he did and he laid his hand on her thigh and Diane's body jerked like it was a hot iron but then she relaxed as his hand slid up her thigh and he started to rub her p**** through her panties.
Diane never said a word and her hands were crossed n her bely now and I watched her breast rise and fall with her breathing as Doug worked his fingers inside of her panties and he began to rub her c*** now I was light headed and I found that I to was breathing a little rapidly and my throat was dry as I croaked out take her panties off .
Diane never struggled as he took the her panties and started pulling them off and she raised her ass so he could get them over her hips he stood there for a long time looking at her p**** as his finger slid up ad down her slit with her panties around her knees the his finger slipped inside of her and Diane gasped had her body jerked again but she didn't respond to him I said she loves oral so he stopped and removed her panties and she let him pull her legs apart as he kneeled in front of her I watched almost holding my breath as he parted her p**** lips and pushed her pubic hair to the sides I could see her juice's now and I knew that she was getting excited and when his tongue slipped into her her body jerked again out she refused to respond to him.
Doug stopped long enough to pick a pubic hair off his tongue then he continued licking her p**** and slowly Diane began to respond to his oral tongue f****** she moaned softly at first then she lifted her legs over his shoulders and used them for leverage as she began lifting her as off the bed and now her hands were on the back of his head forcing his mouth tight against her p**** saying OH YEA O YEA OH F*** as she ground her p**** against her teeth as she came she grunted like a pig as she came and I could see that Doug's mouth and nose was inside of her slit and he couldn't breath as Diane held him in position.
Doug was gasping for breath when he finally got free but he had a raging h****** as he dropped his pants still on his knees and he moved in between her legs driving his c*** deep into her c** sloppy c*** and Diane was no longer resisting she became a wild animal her legs heels were locked behind his thighs and she was meeting him stroke for stroke now and somehow her blouse and bra was around her neck and Doug had her b****** in his hands as he also grunted with each stroke as Diane seamed to c** several times before Doug came silently pumping his seed into me wife.

He spent te night and I am waiting now for them to wake up and serve them coffee in bed

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  • Great story. Certainly got my c**k hard imaginging Doug doing the same to my wife as i watched.

  • Oh wow! What a Lucy lady.

    I wish you were my husband. Doug sounds amazing

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