I cut myself

I cut myself and the line is not straight! it is annoying!

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  • My cuts aren't straight, but I did it to punish myself, so I guess for me, it doesn't matter. Try going over it again, and make it look thicker, it may straighten out the line enough to be acceptable. I think that's the craziest thing I've ever said. Good luck. Nope, that's the new craziest.

  • Idiot! I didn't got cuts I actually got something sharp and I scratched until it blead and was like a cut. Never straight. Stop b******* and get b****!

  • I have read a lot of s*** in this site but this has to be the funniest thing I have read. I feel sorry for you tho..!!

  • I cut myself 'cause i like it, i am not depressed or anything, i just like the "result".

  • Please, perhaps you don't consider it a problem or don't see what's wrong with it but cutting is bad, it eats away at you. Don't do it... if this won't persaude you I'm not sure what will

  • I'd echo the last commenter. I could either sit here & direct you in how to cut straight lines because I have done so OR tell you the severity of cutting.

    As someone who's been there let me tell you, in the long term it doesn't help, it doesn't heal. It just makes the pain worse. The whole world is here to put you down, harass you, insult you, hurt you so don't take it out on yourself & don't hurt yourself too. No one deserves voluntary pain like that. You're a valuable person please, talk to someone, reach out, & get help because whatever it is that makes you cut, cutting isn't going to solve it.

  • Hi poster, I'm bob vila, in order to cut a straight line, you're going to need a straight edge, something like a ruler or that leafds a sharp obect on a straight course on a cutting surface, try this and you'll be better off, no one likes jagged edges. Hope that helps. Anyway as much as this is humor, cutting is not, get some help, talking to someone, even on the phone helps, google, help talk lines because each state has them. Be well

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