Help me

Well i am adictaded to hurting myself by putting pens up my ass and strangeling myself i just cant stop it hurts bad but i deserve the pain and i love it when it hurts the moore pain the better i was a bad wife a rotten mother and a worce doughter thats why my grandmother beet me and paid my step fathers to molest me

Sep 15, 2020

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  • Re-learn how to spell "strangling," you obsessive loser. And then learn how to strangle yourself correctly so you stop spamming this site with your pathetic bullshit.

  • You go strangle yourself. Don't correct me, you are not my mother

  • Pain is such a lovely distraction. I will put pegs on my nipples. I have been looking at making a tack bra.

    I get the need to receive pain.

    I also get the history of abuse. When I would come home from school, my mom would hand me a condom and say go take care of your father.

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