I smoke in the house with my kids

I smoke all the time, like 4 packs a day. It is just impossible to always go outside to smoke, so I smoke in the house. My 2 kids, 4 and 6 years old, don't seem to mind or have any bad reactions. Besides, they literally grew up with ciggaretes, since I smoked while pregnant. It's supposed to be bad for them, but I just can't help myself from not smoking because I really love to smoke, and don't I deserve to do what I want?

Feb 18, 2016

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  • You're the grownup. You get to make the decisions.

  • You absolutely DO deserve to do what you want, and I see nothing wrong with what you are doing! Yes, your kids will probably smoke as well, but so what? Keep doing what you are doing and ENJOY!

  • Who the h*** smokes four packs a day and have that much money to splurge on every day? Geeze if your not lazy enough to go to the gas station to buy your reds you shouldn't be lazy enough to walk outside.

  • I call troll. But in case this is for real BUY A F****** VAPE YOU DUMB B****! you can still smoke cigarettes in rooms the kids don't go in.

  • What's wrong with smoking in the house? I do it. Some day my kid will smoke too, so she might as well get used to it.

  • You have a "deserve to do whatever you want" way of life and boy, you really know how to pamper yourself. Like you, I can't think of anything more glamorous, and wouldn't want to!

  • .....sick........disgusting....gross...

  • Troll~

  • You should be reported to child services.

  • 4 packs a day? You'll be dead in a couple of years. It's okay. That will be the best thing for your kids. Can't even imagine what your home, your clothes and your breath smell like. Ewww. Your kids will probably have asthma, emphyema or something that they can thank you for when they aren't able to breathe. And it's all because you think that "smoking 4 packs in the house around your kids" is on the same level as "deserve to do what I want to do". Sure you "care" about your kids.

  • No, your children's health is even more important than yours since their lungs are much more fragile. It has been definitively proven that passive smoking also causes cancer and worsens allergies and lowers immune function. Please try to stop smoking or at least relegate it to a separate room. You and your children deserve at least that much.

  • You're kids health should come 1st! You're SAD

  • Yes, of course, you DO deserve to do what you want.

  • Well she should have then stayed single and not have children. Once you have them, their lives and health come first, not your own.

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