Not Your Ordinary Perv

In short. I’m looking for some large breasted and fertile women that I would induce lactation, train their bodies to associate let down with sexual stimulation, and they would be bred and kept in perpetual pregnancies. Milk production would be maximized with diet and draining her udders multiple times per day. Excess milk would be sold, and daily lives would be centered around their udders, milkings, and breeding. She would be required to submit her body and mind to me and her only purpose would be to produce milk, s**, and children.

Sep 15, 2020

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  • I think the idea of her pregnant with my seed and is animalistic in nature. Bit of a pregnancy fetish as well.
    But you’re right it doesn’t have to be repeated pregnancies nor does a woman have to be get pregnant to induce milk.

  • Don't get me wrong I think that if you were in a situation to provide for the woman or women to have this be 100% with or without reproduction it is hot. H*** if I was younger I would do it. I love the feeling of someone suckling on my g cups

  • Wow G cups are so hot !!
    you must be very pretty . Do you mind to say where you from and whats your age ? , I guess you are never to old for this . So if you like it lets go for it

  • What is the reason for all the breeding? You could breed, and still keep milk flowing.

  • Get a cow ....

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