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So I came here to get something of my chest today something embarrassing happened to me and I wanted to write about it hopefully i can forget about it this way. Today when I was at school my stomach started hurting badly in 3rd period and i thought it was just a cramp but I had milk in the morning before school and i’m lactose intolerant. I got up from my seat and asked the teacher if I could use the restroom to relieve myself she said yes so I quickly walked to the restroom and then had diarrhea in the toilet It was loud so my face turned red and i just hoped no one was in the restroom. But as soon as the last of it was coming out a girl walked in she heard me having diarrhea and started laughing when i came out she was laughing and I washed my hands "are you good" she said yeah I said embarrassed luckily she wasn’t grossed out I was done I got out quickly and came back to ask the teacher if I could go to the nurse she said yes and handed me a pass so I jotted to the nurses office and told her my stomach was hurting she asked if I had liquid stool so I told her I did and she told me to wait while she called my dad he had to pick me up and he kept asking me what caused it so I told him the milk and he was kinda mad I drank milk because he had to leave work and I had to leave school and sit on the toilet at home it was embarrassing because she had to hear the loud diarrhea and i’m afraid she’ll tell people lol :( And I really don’t want anyone knowing about what happened in that restroom.

Do you think she won’t tell people about my diarrhea explosion or do you think she’ll keep it a secret I would definitely keep it a secret I’m a really quiet girl I keep lots of secrets I hope she can keep this a secret 💕

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  • It seemed like the end of the world in the moment, but it will be fine. This other girl isn't going around talking about bthroom noises she heard while you were on the toilet. Take care of yourself, avoid foods that make you sick and don't worry about this.

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