I’ve been forced to be a hucow Part II

It has been awhile that I have been able to update this story due to the restraints I have been under living in the stable with the other farm animals. After I was unloaded at my new home and paraded into the barn in front of all the farm workers I wanted to die right there. Udders bouncing as I trotted along keeping up with the one that was pulling at my neck chain. I was put in a large stall with massive milker in one corner that scared me just looking at it. Could not picture how I was going to be in it but knew it was meant for me. In another corner was a small stack of hay I found to be my new bed. A comfort king it was not but after some time I got used to it. It is surprising what a cow can get used to when there is no other option available.
I was placed in a stall with high wood walls and a big door that only latched from the outside. The first night I was left alone, I was allowed some privacy. Was brought in dinner by my new farm owner. That took a little longer to get used to. Was a special designed diet by the local vet to nourish a new hucow and promote milk production in such. It did not smell too much but tasted like it should have really smelled. It was served in a metal dish similar to a large stainless dog dish. It was filling and that is about all I can say about it. I was curious and kept trying to look out through the cracks in the boards to see where I was at. I realized I was in a place for the prized animals of the farm. There were ribbons on the outside of the stalls for best in show and similar awards. All proudly displayed with beautiful animals behind the gates. Then I realized I was really no different than them at this point. Maybe even less as I was pretty sure there was no awards on the outside of my stall.
Something I didn’t notice at first but in the far corner was a small metal bucket. Something else that set me apart from the other animals I was now living with. My own personal toilet of sorts. Something else that took a while to get used to. Being a somewhat spoiled upper middle class, I was not used to such crude amenities. But was better than the alternative my fellow roommates were doing. Didn’t take long when I was put out in the outdoor pen during the day I got used to squatting when the urge hit me.
Back to the first night, I was scared and upset that I was in the position I was. I wanted to scream and fight till I got to go home but the longer I was there the more I thought of the dream I’ve always had to be right where I was at that moment. And I embraced it from there on. Later that evening my udders where getting so full that I was leaking with every movement I made. The owner came in and showed me how I was to step into the big milker and get myself ready for let down. I was told that any other cow on the farm knew when to head to the milker and I would be no different. Once I stepped into it all I had to do was to grab the overhead bar and lean forward. Gravity pulled my udders right in the milking cups. Took a little practice the first few times but after milking twice a day came natural. Once I was in there I would just wait till it was turned on and usually was right away. I was put on a 12 hour schedule 6 am and 6 pm. Not being a early riser I overslept the first morning and was punished by not being milked till that evening. I was in so much pain from being swollen I never forgot that lesson. I wish I could say I never repeated it. This was the start of my new life for the next few weeks anyway. More to come soon. It is time for me to go milk for the evening.

May 16

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  • I would love to meet a (woman-hucow) that wants just one man to suck her milk on a regular schedule and have a great sexual relationship

  • I would also love to become a hucow with big full udders and produce milk for my owner. Maybe he would like to use my body otherwise too, mount me sometimes and let his friends use me...

  • I'd love to suck your milk and fill your v***** with my fat eight inch here in Klamath county

  • Please post an update soon, this is great!
    I would also like to become a hucow, treated like property and owned, having to please and satisfy my Owner in every way He would find best. To grow huge, full, aching udders filled with milk and produce as much milk as possible for my Owner. Maybe having to please the bulls...

  • FL somedumbcow, looking for what you have

  • Any more?

  • Your rapid compliance to this experience is awesome. How much milk can you produce per day? No doubt that production would increase with a pregnancy. Keep going with this story, you are doing great

  • Great story, hope your owner makes good use of you.

  • The farmer needs to Impregnate you every so often. You may want to indicate to him, if you can, that you want it done the old fashion way.

    You may appreciate this…. A steer is a bull in transition.

  • Please, is your farmer looking for more cows?

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