Stumic and chest sitting

Once when I was 22 I was dating a girl who loved to sit on me she would do it for a long time one day I was joking about how exciting it would be to have two girls sitting on me she said ok that could happen the next day I went to her place and when she came to the door thear she was with her best friend both had very short shorts on and tank top she said you wanted to find out what it be like to have two girls sitting on you so come up to my room and we can get started for the next 6 hrs I had two very hot sexy looking girls sitting on me either on my stumic or on my chest squeezing my face between there soft sexy looking thighs that day was the best day ever wish i could spend all day long agin with both or just one of them sitting on me



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  • Love to spend hrs at a time with my face between a hot sexy women thighs soft sexy thighs and a sexy looking women sitting on me oh wow now thats a turn on

  • So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.

  • Hahahahhaa

  • I wanted to be a cop. my family comes from a long line of law enforcement and collar. I’m so proud of them and I wanted to be a cop! I was so excited. Went to college for it. Graduated and got ready to join. Then the riots started. What’s the problem you ask? I am a black female. I wanted to be a detective, capture criminals and protect and support my community. But with everything going on I feel like not only am I doing my people a disservice (even though having someone moderate like me would be good and fair for the people) but I feel like I would just be seen as a joke. So I gave up and joined the military which we also have a long line in our family and I will wear the uniform with pride and contentment. But I can’t help but feel heartbroken my first life dream won’t come true. I feel like a coward.

  • L****.

  • This is so hot. I’m in the same position with my girlfriend’s mother. She just turned 42 and I am in my very early 30s. Let’s call her M. She has 44ddd b****** and she is just gorgeous. She is white and I’m black. I’ve been crushing on her since I was a kid and m********* about us having the exact same session. I want her so bad. Every few weeks I grab one or two of her panties, c** in them and let the c** set in. Then return them to her dirty clothes and let her wash them. I know she has to know by now. It makes the flirting so hot. Sometimes she acts like she is distant and it worries me then out of the blue she start flirting and I know we good. I love my girlfriend but her mom and I will always have this connection that dates back to puberty

  • Lol i started the copy and paste s*** lol

  • Everytime this MF post about his gay s** sessions I'm going to start copying and pasting confessions into his comments lol

  • Love spending hrs at a time with a women sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her soft sexy looking thighs

  • Stomach. It's spelt stomach.

  • It's also spelt get a f****** life

  • You are selling yourself short. It is possible to have both a life and a dictionary.

  • Girls like that would only sit on you in order to S*** on you. Enjoy the dream.

  • Realy well last night i had a very hot sexy freind of mine stop by we spent hrs turnning each other on and she loved sitting on my chest looking down at me squeezing my face between her thighs she sent me a tex before she came over and said i cant waite to sit on you music to my ears loved it love it when she is sitting on me


  • F**

  • Lol must be a f**

  • F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF! F*** OFF!

  • F** f** f** f** f**

  • And to you as well.

  • No your dumb s*** confession has been s****** on

  • The best and only way to stop this j*** is not to comment on his non sense from now onwards

  • You must be gay dont know of any guy that would love having a hot sexy women sitting on them for me yes its a turn on and women who has a hot sexy looking body and legs can sit on me for as long as she wants to

  • Love it when a women is sitting on my chest squezzing my face between her thighs

  • In a better world, we'd be able to physically stop him from posting. The idea gets me hard

  • Well . . . .According to Urban Dictionary, "stumic" is an alternative spelling for "stomach", used predominantly by "fuckboys and retards". So . . . . . . which one are YOU, dickwheat?

  • Faget

  • Must be a liberal f** lol

  • Hyuk hyuk hyuk, you are SUCH a comedian

    Only MAGAts spell that badly, because of the massive retardation.

    There's your pettiness right back at you, little betch :)

  • F*** off faget

  • You 're the same boring Paki c*** that can't f****** spell.
    You are the only weirdo on this site that fantasises about being sat on.
    F*** off back to paki land weirdo.

  • You must be a f**

  • Thears nothing more hotter or sexyer then a women sitting on my chest squezzing my fac between her soft sexy looking thighs i could spend hrs with a women sitting on me

  • Freedom of speech have you heard of that

  • Once Trump starts the China bombing runs he should extend them on to Pac-man Land, not far away. And its a total for-s*** country, anyway, so it wouldn't take much to it clean it off the face of the earth. And the people? All b******. Never miss any of them. Not one. Bomb both countries and all they people to f*** and back. #tofuckand back

  • #tofuckandback.

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