I can't learn a thing a from women I need a man

I'm a woman that need a man to teach me how to be a woman. This conversation is for men only. I hate women.

Sep 17, 2020

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  • You're a woman that hates women? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . Grow a mustache, Grow a beard,Grow a d*** and get to a psychiatrist soon!

  • I'm a woman I don't learn a thing from women. Why should I do that?. I learn more from men. They more educated. They hsve patience.I support men a lot. I also represent them in court. Women can be trashy. They want everything from men but too lazy to do for them selves.I will never support women. I'm not equal to women. A woman will measure up to me. No woman in front of me. She better be hind me. I never stand beside a woman. No competition here. Just don't trust women

  • I wanna man that stands beside me, not in front of or behind me. I wanna man that stands beside meeee!!!!

  • I am illiterate OP, with a woman's tampon permanently stuck in my urethra. I have massive mental issues and all this mouthing off is really me begging for someone to drive over me with a large truck. But I'm too stupid to string a proper sentence together and am too busy whining and crying to function anyway. I don't trust my brain, and every time I barf into this site I'm sharing this obvious fact with everyone here. I'm really, REALLY insecure. I will respond to myself with something lame and unhinged now.

  • Ok that's cool. You are supposed to be with a man only. Why you learn any thing from a banana split with stale strawberries. Women are the most troubling things on this earth. They feel they have to control all men including women. But not me. No woman on this earth control me. My husband controls me. We have a contract on each other. It's called a marriage certificate. Don't listen to these women. They want to be gay with other women. And kill all men. I support men even when they do wrong. But I will punish any woman that do wrong. Women are not equal to man. That will never happen. I love my husband only. But I do support men. I don't want to be friends with no woman. I don't speak to no woman. I don't even let a woman touch me. She will be killed if she lay va hand to my body. I be glad when God take over and get rid of the rib. That's what a woman is.... The rib from man. Peace to you my sister. Stay strong. Love God. Hate women and mankind.

  • If you ask me this is some crazy a****** writing controversial things to gain attention and keeps on commenting to himself/herself. Whoever you are, you need to deal with your problems in a mature way by taking some professional help. Other wise no one really cares how you feel about your opinion on women

  • Bout time someone with some sense comments the right words. This woman that posted this is insane and I know for sure that not all women are the way that everyone has mentioned. I know that because I am that kind of woman.

  • No body don't care about your opinion. You are a hypocrite. You like the way, the US kill women. Women lives don't matter. That ruth bader thing is dead and gone. And the me too will be gone too. So shut up. You actually think women are special. Well you are breathing acid thru your nose. I will always hate women with a passion to the point where I might kill one.

  • I'm a woman. You just step right up and see who goes first. You are too stereotypical about women. Not all women are the same.

  • There is no point hitting head on the wall..yes you carry on

  • How about you hit your head on the wall

  • How about you start offering yourself to men , if you are such a hater..go get raped by 1000s of them...enjoy bit ch

  • Hater. I would I get raped. I love men already. You can't read. You women are stupid. Always trying to control people. Shut up. A woman should not be seen or heard

  • I'm a WOMAN. Hear me ROARrrrrrrr!!!!! ( now that felt better. Now go f*** yourself!!!!!

  • Bcuz you are gay

  • There's no rehabilitating a loser like this.

  • Kiss my a$$

  • STFU

  • You STFU! You Dumb B

  • STFU

  • Another repeat. What are you??? I hoe you are not a banana split with strawberries. That's just nasty

  • Herrrp deeeerrrp now i babble about fruit when i used to babble about bill cosby and serena williams, herrp deerrrrp

  • Skibbledy bibbledy bill cosby serena williams you will not live long waaah me scared of white women waaaah.

    Game over, fucktard

  • Hating on serena williams. But you white breads tried to kill her

  • They tried, but failed

  • Actual problem is you are good for nothing and you don’t have some meaning full things except lashing out for no reason so basically u r a n attention seeker and loser this is not your first post against women. Get a life

  • You are the rib. So you are nothing to men

  • Not a woman, dumbshit

  • Ok Trick

  • LOL

  • Honey baby, you are so right. I told my husband that women are the rib and they are dumb.

  • ^ OP ^

  • What?? Talk right. You are not a baby.

  • ^ also OP ^

  • Get some homeschool

  • ^ OP is very persistent, but we already knew that. ^ Now he'll say something stupid.... again

  • Some trans gender needs help...please do so

  • You changed in to one of those things. Why would you do that. Your mom is a drug addict. Go help, please do

  • You don’t know personally then how do you know what my mom does or not. You sound like a jerkk and you are a jerkk

  • J***?????
    What are you???? Rib

  • Drug addict. Go get some help quick

  • He's a black loser with a tampon permanently stuck up his tw@t which is why he is so angry at women, none of them will tell him how to remove it!

  • Nope, white men hate the white woman

  • Black loser. Wishes desperately he was a woman, but the welfare office won't pay for surgery. So now he has to hate, and he proves it every time his bitter tampon-impacted self has a sad

  • You can learn a few things to be a woman only when you f*** a couple of men.

  • I love men honey. I just hate women with a passion

  • You only love your running mouth, honey

  • You just mad because I don't support dumb women

  • You just mad because you a man and want really badly to be a woman, poor bitter thing

  • You sound like my ex-wife. She wanted the men all for herself.

  • Good for her. I'm happy for her. You was not man enough for her

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