Family plaything.

I have been abused by multiple members of my family and none of them know about the other, Why does this keep happening to me. When I was 15 I hooked up with my first boyfriend and admitted to 3 of my cousins that it happened, Told them the story and that night my male cousin 17 snuck out of his bed and slid into my bed behind me, I pretended to be asleep and he tried to put it in me but it pressed against my pelvis and popped between my thighs, I think he thought it was in me and he did his thing and blew his load while cupping my b00b then snuck out of bed.
I was forced to lay there until I thought he was asleep because the spare room door was wide open and his was driectly across from me, so I laid in a puddle of his sperm until eventually I could get up and clean up, I was obviously distraught over this for 2 weeks until he had another opportunity and this time was fully aware I was awake, He again slid in behind me, Pulled my underwear aside and spread my cheeks, He then proceeded to force his way into the wrong hole, I instantly realized and gasped, said "******* don't please", He just said "Shhhh" and I again said "No" but he just pushed it in, I sobbed through the whole thing telling him it hurt and he didn't care.
After that I guess he thought I wasn't going to tell anyone and started getting more bold, he would come to my room when he knew full well I was awake and tell me to lay back or face down and do his thing, After he got bored of that he started mistreating me and I told him "No" then he started just having his way with me randomly until we got caught.
His dad walked in on me giving him head and freaked, He kicked him out but I knew he was listening at the door so I told my uncle that it was the first time, He chased my cousin away from the door, Came back to talk to me and I was obviously nak3d and he told me we were going to have to tell my parents, I made an offer he obviously couldn't refuse and swallowed his load. I should mention that I stayed at their house a lot as my mom traveled for work 80% of the time and my dad worked shift work, We didn't live in the best neighborhood and my parents weren't comfortable with me staying alone.
By the time I turned 16 they would each take turns on me anytime they could get me alone without the other and didn't know about each other, My aunt caught me and my cousin and lost her s***, Put a stop to me and him being alone ever which was such a relief but my uncle still had opportunities and took them, By half way through my 16th year my uncle admitted that he had done the same thing twice to my mom when they were younger and always said how much I looked like her and reminded him of her. When I got a car just before turning 17 I never came home at night and other than my aunt no one said anything, I just always said I was staying with friends and would sometimes just sleep in my car.
When I was 18 I had friends over and my older female cousin (24 and from a Different family on dads side) stopped by, All of my friends left except one and we were drinking with my cousin, The topic of s3x came up, My friend was the one who asked my cousin if the rumor was true about her and a girl getting caught, I was shocked that I had not heard the rumor and my friend said she didn't tell me because she didn't want to spread rumors without knowing the truth. My cousin looked at her, looked at me and said "You two have never?", We said "No" and she said "Really?", We said "No" and she began to tell her story. Random girl she met in the bar, Went to a stall, Made out, Went to a party and ended up in a back room then a bunch of people busted in and they ended up continuing with people watching.
My cousin is one of those girls, Brunette, Absolutely gorgeous, EVERYONE wants to either be her or be with her and she just flaunts her body. 5'6", 130lbs and STACKED, Beautiful crystal blue eyes, Perfect gymnast body aside from the fact she has to wear the tightest sports bras she can find to control her b**** and people just stare at her....Anyway she is also a very talented story teller apparently because both me and my friend were mezmerized as she described the other girl and the scene and situation, The emotions and physical feelings. Toward the end of her story my cousin looks at my friend and says "Someone is enjoying my story" and at the same time we all look at her crotch and she was wearing grey cotton shorts and was wet, She got super embarrassed and crossed her legs.
My cousin kept saying stuff about how we should try it and whatever and we kept just giggling and saying "No" and then she unbuttoned her shirt, Opened it and showed us her b**** and said "It doesn't have to be weird, trust me it is not something you want to miss out on", she convinced bot of us to touch her and her b**** are amazing and soon we were all t0pless, My cousin got us to touch each other and then she stepped back but everytime we would stop she would step it up a notch, Touching above the waist to kissing to n!pple licking and sucking to touching below the waist to sissoring to sixty 9 and she guided us through the whole thing, and the end...Oh my god the end.
She got my friend on her back, Had me straddle her face and stood there saying look down at how beautiful she looks, and by that point she was nak3d too so she stood hovering over her and touching herself and would randomly reach over and roll one of my n!pples, Then she lifted my friends legs, Put them under my arms with her heels resting on the front of my shoulders and went down on her...Oh my fu@k...We simultaneously 0rgasmed with me sitting on my friends face, My cousin going down on her and my cousin playing with herself, All three of us within seconds of each other and it was world changing.
My cousin asked us to both move in with her in a two bedroom house and we did, It became obvious to everyone that there were only two beds which made some people uncomfortable but if they only knew that most of the time we only used one they would have freaked, this went on for over a year and my friend and I just decided to move to a different state but my cousin has recently gotten a boyfriend so she is ok with it but...She asked us for one...Blowout night before we decide to leave involing the three of us and him so...I guess we are gonna do that next week and no, He has no Idea.

Sep 17, 2020

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  • Was she breathing

  • We’re you sitting on her stomach was she breathing

  • I am now 60 and totally f***** up which is why I come and read here. When I was a kid, my parents were in a cult. Everyone was having s** with everyone. My mom was doing flirty fishing where she would offer s** to guys to get them in the cult. Us kids were forced to have s** with each other and other adults. Basically we would be allocated.

  • I went through something similar when I was young. I'm not sure if it was a cult, but my parents were into really occult things. They'd have me perform perverted sexual acts while they and their friends would light candles and chant to raise the energy in the room. For some reason it started happening less when I was 16, and by the time I turned 18, it never happened again. I've been hypersexual my whole life, and I could never figure out whether I should be angry about what happened to me. I know it's weird but it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary at the time. It was only later on that I realized how bizzare it was.

  • Mom used to hand me a condom and tell me go take care of your father

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