I’m so scared

I just got engaged to my African American boyfriend that I’ve been secretly dating behind my very racist family’s back. I love this man dearly but my parents warned my siblings and I that they’ll never accept anyone in the family who isn’t white. I love this man, but my parents will never love me again.



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  • Honey, a little motherly advice.

    Follow your heart. If you love him marry him no matter his color.

    But be sure you take him for a test drive if you know what I mean. Make sure he is hung. You marry for a life time. So make sure that c*** is sooo big that it hurts.

    Trust me. If it hurts now it will be perfect later. Just allow him to stretch it out and make that p**** his own.

  • Good luck to you, hope your family learns to understand

  • If you are an adult then do what your mind and heart say. Be happy with what you want by your choice. Others choice matter nothing! Best wishes.

  • Not only your everybody's parents are special to them and worth die for....but if they are racist you can leave them forever because they are against humanity and one more important thing you are the same moron trying to trigger hatred among people aren't you. Dear kindly help yourself with a Iron rod in your a$$ and die. THANK YOU

  • Wow that’s messed up gfys. She’s following her heart you racist

  • Shut up

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