Belly punch

I am a 21 year old girl, I like to be hit in the stomach, with hands, knees, I like being stomach trampled, I like that someone sit on my belly and bounce until I can not breathe, someone to who would like to do something like that to me? narrate what you would do to me

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  • Fake and gay

  • How would you like if you end up with severe stomach health issues that end up threatening your life? Cut off your strange fetish

  • This is what I'd do to you. I'd take you to a psychiatrist and try to find out why you're so self-destructive.

  • Kill yourself

  • Well talk about some thing intetesting like russian squat toilets anyone seen one lol

  • Fooooom off

  • Same dude with the same stomach fetish. Getting tiresome

  • Total agree not even worth the toiley paper

  • I have been saying early don’t comment on such posts they enjoy ur criticism

  • There is a handful of mental cases here who make up the majority of the submissions here. These people have no lives and fairly low IQs. This is one of them.

  • ** off you stupid **.
    Your stomach sitting and punching fantasies are really boring.

  • That's pretty weird you like that, but it still sounds like fun to do lol. So I would grab your shoulders so you have to take it like a punching bag and then I would repeatedly knee you over and over until you can't breathe and then I'll still do it a few more times

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