I want my stepdad

Hi guys ok so im a lil on the younger teen side and i want my stepdad so f****** bad. idk why hes just so like physically big and i can always see his bulge in his pants and ughhhh god. i know i shouldnt but i cant help it i f*** boys at school and think about hhis d***.

anyways i know this thing says not to ask people to message u but please guys i need help on this heres my throwaway # 2482374544

Sep 26, 2020

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  • If you want it then Trump's America is your best option. As his idiot minion Donald Trump Jr said.....

    "You can HAVE it!"

    And in the words of that witch Kimberly...

    "The BEST.....is yet to COOOOOME!...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

  • I feel the same about my stepdaughter she so sexy but just have imagined it happening even got a mini spy cam so hidden in her bedroom so can watch her getting undressed hoping to catch her masturbating one day but had many good wanks over her

  • That so crazy i feel the same exact way about my moms boyfriend like you took the words out my mouth im younger too

  • Go for it

  • I'm 14 lol
    And j********** to.this tbh

  • How old?

  • Do it, I've wanted to f*** my stepdaughter for years. If she'd even gave the slightest hint it would have been on.

  • Shave your p**** bald and wear a short skirt then flash him you’ll be a p**** make sure he can see it if he says anything you’ll get your answer if he doesn’t you know he wants you

  • Believe me he probably want's it too, I bet he strokes his w*** thinking about you

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