I hate doctors and men and women

My wife belongs to me. No man or woman touch my wife ever.

Next Confession

In love with my daughter ❣️

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  • Too late. Her ** and mouth felt so good. She said your micro ** was so funny.

    All 38 of us laughed so hard. The we each ** her. BTW, your kids are not yours.

  • Chil...l you're on the edge

  • Edge

  • Edge what??
    Your brain
    My brain is good
    No it isnt

  • Keep dreaming

  • All 38 of us lived the dream, ** still sore

  • And i gave you AIDS

  • Be careful women the gay ones are not to be trusted. They even created BLM. And I didn't know that. I stopped supporting that organize crime bull shoot. Now that the alphabets created it.

  • Alphabets???
    Those gays think they are the alpha dogs

  • Lovely! I like it when a man take control of his woman

  • You're a idiot. I hope she runs away

  • That's his wife. You are not married to her. He owns her. You don't own her. This me too thing getting old. Move on. She is not a child, women don't run away.

  • Stfu dumbfuck she can run away and start a new life if she wanted too

  • I hope its not with you

  • Predator- she's his

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