My little secret

I am 18, and I am a gay furry. 2 things that would get you shunned from society. I have to keep it secret everyday from my family, especially my parents, my friends, and co-workers. My mother is strictly Christian and hates gays, and my father is quite the mean person at times. I feel so secluded having to keep this secret, my friend Justin who I love so dearly, got kicked out of his house when his parents found out that he was gay, and I am afraid of what will happen to me if anything is said... but I just want to be able to live life happily without having to keep myself in the closet and have more people like myself around.


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  • Think of ur poor mother she will blame herself for u being a s*** shover

  • Poor is the man who's pleasures depend on the permission of another.

    You're 18, Get out and live your life!


  • ^ Still around? Its basically an attraction to a fandom that centralizes around animals and anthropomorphic qualities. Some are attracted to the fur-suits that are like scout mascots. Other furries might be attracted to some shamanism and inner animal emotional thoughts and is a lifestyle. Some just go to the conventions and are strictly about collecting art and pin-ups. Some dress up in exotic and complex costumes, or none at all. Nude but with body paint. There is usually some sign or marker that lets you spot a furry. They'll have obscure t-shirts about furry stuff. One might wear a collar on their neck.

    They seem to be verbally and non-verbally (online) attacked for no reason except for bigotry. There are many in the fandom who are gay or bi-sexual but many are hetro too.

    Because it is so peculiar and different, many don't understand about why some are attracted to this -fetish- as you may call it. Being gay and a fur is like a double whammy for bigotry.

    Does that help explain it?

    I'm not the above posters.

  • what is a furry?

  • thanks for the advice guys

  • Im sorry to hear about your parents and your friend... Though I am just a regular Furry (furry pride btw) my parents dont know about the furry thing, but idt that they would care. they wont care about the gay thing either, but you just have to suck it up. not trying to sound mean, but thats what happens in the real world, ya know? its horrible but society fears things they do not understand. which so happens to be homosexuals and furry's :/ just stand tall and live your life any way you can.


  • Just express the furry stuff in some tame ways. Graphic T-shirts, a few plushes (FEW). Drawing and in turn buy some art (non-sexual).20% of Furrydom is in your situation too. Maybe hide the furry stuff under the disguise of being a comic freak like Comic Book Man.

  • Wow, that took some guts to say. Don't be ashamed for who you are.

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