Secretly fading

I have Bulimia, but I have had it for a while... It is not as near as bad as it was. Although, I keep loosing weight, and I do not know why because I eat enough and I keep it down.
My parents weigh me every day. My parents went on vacation for a week and left me with my grandmother, i lost about ten pound, and now my life is CRAP... what do I do!!??!!

Nov 18, 2010

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  • Tell us more about your story.

  • do you want to die?

  • You think you are fat?!?!?

  • Do not put your self down, if you feel like you need to go back to rhab go back. But if you are at that place where you know you do not want help then stay where you are

  • Have hope, you can never tell what might happen in the future

  • Be nice to this poor girl, you are beautiful the way you are

  • Eat something

  • Go back to rehab

  • Try and make your parrents understand what you are going through. Maybe they will come arround.

  • Try not to die

  • Why would you do that if you needed more help? I mean I see where you are comming from and what not... but still...

  • You left rehab?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  • Hey Again Post 2
    I have went to therapy but just last week they said i could walk if i wanted, so I did. So, i dont know what will happen again.

  • Go see a doctor. Maybe your thyroid is off. But keep on eating. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. Your parents care about you that's why they're having you weigh yourself everyday. But you may require more care then what they're able to f offer you. Please seek help.. bulimia is treatable. You can overcome this.

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