This semester may change my life..

That I am afraid.. My boyfriend is leaving for school while I'm staying at the university at home. Although it's only for four months, I can't help but worry that I'm going to start liking a beautiful blue eyed guy from my English class last semester. We've talked a little bit over the summer to keep in touch and now he's just on my mind all of the time.. I promise myself I wont cheat on my boyfriend and I will try my best to keep myself out of a scenario where that is possible..

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  • I you're going cheap on your boyfriend, call him up, telling him how you feel, tell him you have met another man, to break it off with the first boyfriend, before you, a cheater, cheater is a big word on campus, the good guys won't never ask you out, one good reason, you will be Mark as a cheater, until you finish college,

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