Make good choices

17 years, In one afternoon he threw away 17 years of marriage.
Two weeks ago I walked in on my husband and his bimbo girlfriend, I came home after a hectic morning thinking I would take the afternoon off, Maybe have a soak in the tub and a glass or a bottle of wine. I pulled up to the house and my husbands car was in the driveway which seemed odd but I was excited to see his car and decided that maybe a little nooner was in order, I intentionally didn't pull into the garage so he wouldn't hear me but I sneaked into the garage, Peeled off my bra and underwear, Took off my jacket knowing full well that my shirt was very see through, I Hiked my skirt up and rolled the waist down so it barely covered...The goods and headed upstairs.
As I got to the top of the stairs I stopped, I could tell something was off, maybe the smell of s** in the air or just womens intuition but I walked to our open bedroom door aaaand there it was. My 44 year old husband of 17 years on top of what I can only describe as a...Bimbo. I don't know but have heard through the grapevine that she is 24, I am 40 by the way. All I could do was stop and stare, She had her legs up over his shoulders and he was rubbing his shaft back and forth on her...Vag. Ya know what, I guess she is exactly what you would expect your husband to cheat on you with, From the place I was standing there wasn't anything I couldn't see and she is pefect, Good for him I guess.
As I stood there I could feel my blood start to boil and he pulled his hips back and shoved his d*** in her, She moaned and then noticed me. I am actually glad she did because I had just contemplated the thought of walking up, Grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the window and tossing her out. I'm not very big so I probably couldn't have but it had crossed my mind, Anyway she screamed, Did this gymnast flip and jumped out of bed standing up against the wall and he just laid back againt the headboard, I looked at her, back at him then back at her. Ok so she is standing there scared shitless and he is just laying there, Everyone is quiet and then I said "You should go", she opened her mouth to say something and I said "Don't...Please just go".
You know I can't not describe her, I wasn't going to but it keeps coming up so here I am standing in the doorway of my marital bedroom, She is standing there against the wall, I would say 5'7" ish, And I can't describe her physical build as anything other than pretty much perfect...Longer natural looking blonde hair, Very pretty face, Big sparkly blue eyes even welled up with tears I could tell they are beautiful eyes, Big pouty lips, She is a...Chesty girl (I am a D and she is bigger) with bigger pale pink nips that obviously have NOT fed 3 babies, Small waist, Wide hips, Perfectly bald...Gag...V***** with no inner l**** showing and perfect pink outer l****, A round but very firm looking behind, and from my original vantage point I had a good view that she has a tiny little pink bum hole.
So there she is in a nutshell, Basically the girl you see in the mall that every guy stares at as she walks by or the one you seen in a mens website or magazine, She was hurredly gathering her things and was bent over right in front of me maybe 4 feet away and nothing but a round bum, Pink puffy lips and a slit down the middle, I can't get the image out of my head, I have never seen such a perfect v***** but I thought "You know...I played soccer in my teens and twenties, I could kick her right now and put her head through that wall" I managed to restrain myself, She squirmed into her dress and walked to the doorway I was still standing in and I turned sideways, She slid past me and we locked eyes as she did, I stood there curbing the urge to headbut her as she slid past me, We were so close our t*** rubbed as she slithered her way out the door. I stood there listening until I heard the door slam, I looked at him and he was speechless, I said "Gather your things...You have until 3:00 and get the f*** out of MY house", He said "Where am I supposed to go?", I said "I...Don't G.A.F." and walked out.
I got in my car, Drove to a parking lot and parked in the back and cried, I don't remember how long it was but I just cried literally for hours so to make my day a little more special I had not even thought about the fact I was still dressed like a back alley h***** when I got in my car and so as I sat there with tears streaming down my face I hear a knock at the window and look up, Oh great, there is a cop at my window and I look the other way, there is another. I turn my key on and roll my window down and he asks if I am ok, I tell him no but can't even say what's wrong without breaking down. He asks me to step out of the car and that's when I realize the way I look, I look down and they way I am sitting my vag is exposed, My shirt is see through and has makeup all over it.
I said I would rather not get out but he insited so I open my door, Wonderful officers (Sarcasm), Both of them stand there as I swing my legs out and had absolutley no way of hiding my vag as I exited the car and neither of them even tried to hide the fact they were happily staring at it, They make me stand against my car as one of them questions me while not listening to a word I am saying and just stared at my big saggy b**** and dark brown nipples and the other goes through my car, I explain what's going on eventually and they appologize and send me on my way, I get home about 3:10 and thankfully he is gone, I change and clean up, The kids get home and thank god it was friday, I sent all three for a sleepover at my parents and I went to my BFF's.
We get drunk and go on and on about what a douche he is and then I call an uber, Half way home at around 10:30 or 11:00 I tell the uber "Take me to *******" (A local club), He drops me off and I stumble in, 10 ish drinks later I am in rough shape, I knew I needed to go home so I go outside, Order an uber and wait, While I sit there waiting a girl comes up and starts talking to me, I explain to a total stranger how my day has gone and...She kisses me, What...Why...Out of the blue kisses me. I am drunk and just laugh, She explains that she was "Scorned" by a man and it was with her half sister so she gets to see him at every family gathering. She invites me to her place for a drink and I had already forgotten she kissed me so I say "Sure Blah, Blah, Blah" and we jump in my uber and head to her place, We were laughing and talking the whole way, Get to her place and go inside, She peels off her bra and tosses it aside saying "Ugh, I hate those things", I laugh and say "Well, It's that kind of a night" and peel mine off.
She suggests the hot tub and I say I don't have a bathing suit, she says she never wears them in the hot tub and suddenly I am naked in a hot tub with a complete stranger, S*** went sideways, The hot tub must have compounded the effects of the alcohol or it was still building, We kissed, She straddled me, I licked a girls nipple, Straight up right in my face and I licked it, She pulled my hair tilting my head back and started to....Dominate me which has always kinda been a bit of a fantasy of mine but not with a girl but she got me kinda worked up and next thing I know we are in her bed and I am playing hard to get, She is convincing me that it will drive him mad that I did it without him after 20 years of him begging for it (Basically since the day we met) which all made sense in my drunken stuper.
Thanks but no thanks pervs, No details for you but I will say that she is a baeutiful woman with a great body and she knows EXACTLY what she is doing, She was gentle and caring yet dominant and forceful, She led me through the entire experience and had convinced me that a video for evidence was a wonderful idea (Again...Sarcasm), Anyway this video documents my first time with a girl, My first time having a girl go down on me, My first time going down on a girl and my first time having a girl do me with a strapon so there are your details, I never knew it was even possible for me to be multi orgasmic but she managed to get me to go off twice and then after a long break (A few hours I think) of snuggling and dozing in and out she was more than happy to slowly work me up to one more.
So as I stated it has been a couple weeks now and this is where the "Make good choices" comes into play. My husband and I sat down to talk, I blurted out that I had stepped out of my comfort zone with Zoey and he was astonished, He acused me of lying so I showed him a 3 minute clip that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was telling the truth and he frickin somehow without my knowledge recorded my tv screen. We live in a smaller community (90,000) population I believe and he blasted this information to everyone, Shared the video, Told everyone, Sent it to my family and friends, His family and friends and it has circulated the entire community, The only thing I can say is thankfully my...Yes My kids are too young to be involved in the s*** storm. I have lost friends, Good friends from childhood who I think will come back but have recently stopped messaging me since I have decided to continue seeing Zoey on a casual basis.
My advice...No evidence...Ever...If you want to tell about it and use it as a tool to upset him who cares if he believes you and honestly I think that just putting the idea in his mind and him not knowing for sure would have actually been better but for now i am trying to piece my life back together after multiple life altering events taking place and just try to figure out my path forward.

Sep 29, 2020

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  • H***, why not just join in?

  • Wow

    What a story! I don’t know what to say other than you sound so much sexier than that bimbo. I’m a 48 year old mother of 3 and a mature woman with dark aeroles and a bush is amazing.

    I love spending time with my close mommy network. No one knows how to make a mommy feel good than another mom.

    Oh and by the way, you should have just watched your hubby f*** that bimbo. It’s hot to watch (my personal turn on). Then after he fills her with c** you step in and say. Sorry honey but that’s my husband and my c**. Then lick her clean.

    My best lover is my hubby’s ex-mistress

  • I wish you were my wife id let you have another girl but no guys

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