Minor Form of Child Abuse

I think homeschooling your child is a minor form of child abuse.

My sister was home schooled for most of her life. For a few years she horse back rose almost every day and barely ever picked up a pencil. Not even an hour of school a week.

It hurt her a lot. She was isolated, missed out on doing so much, got a s*** education, ext. She has zero conflict resolution skills because she has been sheltered so much. She had no friends.

I've lost respect for my mother because of that. My sister is smart, but my mom was scared that she would have bad school experiences like me. My mothers anxiety hinders her ability to rationalize and its caused my sister and I anguish.


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  • Wasn't your sister ever tested by the school system? My cousins child is homeschooled by his mother and he does well on tests. I always envied kids who didn't have to go to school but were able to learn at home.

  • She wasn't for years. Recently a professional told my mom that she has "difficulty in the traditional classroom environment" which is probably because shes never been in one. My sister literally didn't go to school for a long time.

  • I'm sad for your sister, but frankly, schools are designed to make you lifelong students of a nanny government. We'd all be better off if parents were given the resources to home school their children. Instead those vast resources are pumped into schools, which teach less and less about anything that helps someone live a life with any value or meaning, and both parents (if you have them) are forced to work to make ends meet.
    This is a complex subject, with a lot to consider.

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