What do you do...

When you have nothing left? My dad lost his job over a year ago and blew through all the money he had and now we have nothing. I dont know what to do.. Im trying to go to school and make a life out of this s*** hole that I'm in but whats the point? I hate my life. Every f****** piece of it. Why did my parents decide to have a kid when they cant even take care of it. My dad is a blithering idiot. Some days I really hate him alot. My mom, well shes disabled and now I think shes losing her mind over this. Shes changed so much all she does is live in irrational fears. My family has become s*** and i f****** hate it. We have nothing i repeat nothing f****** left. What is this ugh s***. Sometimes I think about killing my self and ending all this f****** nonsense but I don't really have the b**** to do that. I just want to know that everything will be ok in the end and this pain sadness, depression, rage and anguish will end. Im too young to be dealing with this when will it end????

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  • You ungreatfull little s*** your way of thinking is the problem why do you think anyone owes you anything im shure your father didn't loose his job on purpose you seam to have all the answers leave those loosers behind run away and make your mollions before you growup get stupid and no longer know it all

  • You obviously still have a computer and internet access.

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