Im 24 recently moved in with my bf an high school sweetheart we both study at the same university we live on the 3rd floor. All of this was new to me from the beginning even the smallest of things would be missing becuase it was out of the norm to remember you need stuff for the kitchen or extra food since your independent now. When we signed our lease we kind of rushed to it without taking into consideration the upstairs neighbors and the noises , footsteps etc. I have never seen them and don’t want to see them but almost every other night they have s** their bedroom is the same layout as ours. You would assume their bed is on top of ours I’m their own floor! It’s a routine almost every day around 12am or later they have s** and not just the quiet normal s** but the loud I don’t care it feels so good let them hear me s**. We can hear he pounding, the screaming, moans, squeaky bed etc. I never told my bf but it turns me on so much idk why. I feel like a total weirdo typing this but I didn’t know how to let it put. My bf is a heavy sleeper so he never hears what I hear.shortly after they finish I wake up my bf wanting to get intimate as well but we are considerate and try not to make too much noise. Has anyone had this issue with neighbors next door upstairs etc or maybe you getting noise complaints because your bed is too loud when you have s** with your significant other. When we had birly moved in we had s** in the room and bed and the pounding I guess was loud obviously our bed was moving I was in the mood and im sure the down stairs neighbors heard my bf pounding that they hit the ceiling with something and since then I’ve been so embarrassed about having s** and to be heard. Is this normal when you move in alone with your other half? Any tips to avoid a squeaky bed? Lol ! I know it is normal and I do not
Mind my upstairs neighbors at all I actually enjoy hearing that at night than footsteps throughout the day etc. Help!???!!

Oct 2, 2020

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  • Okay, first I agree w/ the poster below who says you need to take a creative writing class. But you are in college? Seriously? Then why would you write “...boyfriend AN high school sweetheart”? Also, “not the normal kind of s e x, the “it feels so good I wanna scream s**” Sorry to tell you like this, but ALL s** should make you (at least) feel like that!

  • You should take a course on creative writing. I was so dumbfoundedly bored in the first half I gave up reading.

  • If your bed is noisy, do it on the couch, the counter, dining table, do it everywhere and any where! You can get things to put under your bed frame legs so it won't slide around and it should muffle the sound too. Those foam puzzle pieces they use to make play areas on the floor for kids work great and are cheap. Cut one into chunks and put the chunks under the legs of the bed. Also, turn on the TV or music. Not loud enough to bother anyone, but enough to give your s e x sounds something to blend into. Another option, and my fave personally, have him keep you quiet. Hehehe if you know what I mean... I like it rough though, so I love when he clamps his hand on my mouth like a guy would in the 1st moments of him kidnapping a chick. Yes, I know, I'm not right in the head. It turns me on wildly when I can feel his strength & realize just how much stronger he truly is than I am, and how he has to hold it back so expertly to keep from accidentally hurting me. It's not all because I'm a kinky s** Our brains truly do register pleasure & pain in the same place, which is why pain feels so d a m n good when done in just the right way.

    Also you can turn it into a game that should up your pleasure, try to stay quiet like your life depends on it or like your parents are 3 feet outside your door. When you HAVE to be quiet, that's always when it feels the best and makes it impossible to be quiet.

    If you aren't being disrespectful, if it's before 10pm, if it's things beyond your control, don't worry about it too much. While they have a right to quiet enjoyment of their home, you have a right to live life in your home too. Tiptoeing and whispering and worrying is excessive and NOT enjoying your home! Just do what you can about the things you can, be respectful, and if you're doing that, don't worry about the rest!

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