In love with the wrong person.

I am in love with the wrong person, I am madly and hopelessly in love with my brothers wife. In all honesty it is their fault and they should have known this would happen.
My older brother works overseas and is away 30 days and home for 30, After they were married he started this gig and it was only supposed to be a 1 year contract but now he has been going over there for 6 years, 6 months into his tours overseas he came to me one night and said he needed to talk to me, He said he needed my help with something and I said "Yeah, Of course, Anything" then he told me he wanted me to "Be there" for his wife, I was like "Yeah, Of course, Anything she ever needs she can count on me", He said "No...I mean...Be there".
Yeah, Took a bit but I was like "Whoooaaaa, WTF" and he explianed, He told me they had a long talk about her "Needs" and that he was not comfortable with her getting strange so they discussed possibilities and the only one he would be comfortable with was me. Ok, So don't get me wrong, At the time his wife was HOTTTT, she was 32 and a total smoke show, They didn't plan on having any kids and her body was rockin, She was that girl everyone stared at no matter where they were, Beach, Clubs, Mall or just the grocery store and he was concerned that she may stray with him being away for so long at one time.
My brother has always been the guy with the hot GF, the cool car, the big house and expendable assets and the personality, He has never had a problem getting hot girls and I have drooled over many of them, I was 24 at the time and his wife joined us in the garage and right in front of me she explained that she is a woman and has needs that have to be met, After a long talk in the garage at his place 3 days before he was to leave again I awkwardly agreed to "help her out". He had been away 4 days and she asked me for my work schedule, and then the whole awkward plan played out.
She invited me over and we had a drink, She said "Look, I know this is super weird, trust me, I am having more issues with this than anyone so you know what....Lets just get the first one out of the way". Well to say I almost came in my cargo shorts would be an understatement, I truly was on the verge of blowing my load as I tried to croak out "Ok". She looked around and there was really no way for anyone to see us where we were so she stood up, dropped her shorts, Pulled off her hoodie and had nothing else on. She sat back down and I couldn't move, She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and then sat back with her eyebrows up, I said "What?", She smiled and said "Ahem, I just...yeah...that's...Hmmm".
She made eye contact with me, Said "Relax...Let's just see how it goes", Well it went, She leaned in and sucked it, I lasted about two minutes and she made an unimpressed "Mmmmm" sound, Slapped my thigh and swallowed my load. When she was done she sat up and said "****** WTF was that?", I was super embarrassed and tried to explain how I had been building this up in my mind for so long that I couldn't control it. She got up, Went to the kitchen, Peeked out the windows and didn't see anyone so she darted to the sink, Grabbed a drink of water and came back, Just looking at her body was enough to get me up again, You have to understand, Long Brunette hair, Blue eyes, and the perfect body, The b****, the booty, The flat stomach, The perfect legs, The bald b***** and and all of this with tan lines and an amazing personality to match.
She looked at my c*** and said "Hmm, That didn't take long". So long story short we spent all afternoon just bangin everywhere, I have no idea how many times I had to get it back up but she had no problem getting me there, It was probably like 5 times that afternoon and finally she said "Well, I think we are past the awkward stage". Probably 5 times I went over in that month and it was similar for the next 3 years. My brother then lost his job and was home for a year so we quit for that year and then he got a call. 15 days later he was gone again and I was at his house bangin Michelle another 5 years of this and I was already totally in love with her, I couldn't wait for that text to come over and wanted to just spend time with her, We would hang out and watch movies, Go grocery shopping and clubbing and then go back to their place.
I had a few GF's off and on and she was fine with that and actually enjoyed talking about my s** life outside of us but she was always the hottest girl I was with, I did have one GF who was a close second but crazy as a loon and Michelle cut me off after I told her we did a***, When we split Michelle was like "Scub that thing and get over here", No head for a while but then we were back full on. So this year Michelle turned 40, For her 40th my brother planned a big party, It was fun and we...All ended up in bed together, Michelle's first threeway and it was great. So that was 8 months ago. 7 months ago Michelle started to act funny, 6 months ago she sat me and my brother down and told us she was late5 months ago it was confirmed that she is pregnant.
Apparently doctors can pin point when you got pregnant pretty acurately and it works out to be right in a week when we hooked up at the beginning of the week and they hooked up right at the end of the week so we have a problem, Michelle is showing, Quite a bit, It was recently confirmed that it is twins and now I have a thing for pregnant girls, Oh my god she looks amazing, Her b**** which were always large and kind of more hangy are now rock hard and standing right up, Veins showing, Nips are huge and dark and I just want to bang her all the time, Luckily her s** drive is through the roof and she is loving it, My brothers drive has dropped she says so she gets it two or three times while he is home and then every second day when he is gone.
So here I am in love with my sister in law who is possibly carrying my children and says she refuses to get a DNA test because it doesn't matter, I keep hoping my brother will divorce her so I can marry her and be with her forever but I can never say that to anyone so here I am typing it out.

Oct 2, 2020

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  • Im

    i dont even know why i read all of that

    you do you???

    and uh

    you guys need to talk s*** out, this is gonna cause a lot of problems, and things already seem like it's out of hand.

    Do you think this is fair to your brother? Dude you have to consider all the possibilities here. Like damn man.

    I mean, you guys could consider becoming a poly relationship, three people? It's not that it's uncommon, but it's a thing? Because this gives me the vibes of "cheating" and that is a big no no. Please like, don't jump into decisions, look up polyamory relationships, do your f****** research bro.
    ^ here's an article i found that differentiates open relationships & polyamory relationships kinda

    but seriously holy s***, what the f*** did i just read

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