Wanna know whats awkward

I went home with my gynecologist, We met at a wedding, Sat and talked and he is a good looking guy but I never thought about him like that until that night and the conversation just led from one thing to another to me on my back and him inspecting my v***** with some different tools.
Sadly even though he is good looking and...Well...A doctor, the s** was awful, His p**** is small and he refused to do oral but didn't stop short of basically demanding I did it.
So now I get to see him after ghosting his calls and texts for two days until he got the hint. Luckily I dont have to see him for 7 months.

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  • Sweetie,

    Take it from a 50 year old mother of three.

    1). Never let a man enter without first worshipping the kitty with his tongue. He’s got to make the kitten purr before he gets to play.

    2) Never waste your time with a small p****. Even if he is highly skilled noting feels better than getting your kitten stretched. Oh and girth is always more important than length.

    3) gynecologist are terrible in bed. They see p**** all day therefore they don’t appreciate it. Trust me I had my 3 kids in different towns and had affairs with all three. Only dinner and a f***. Was not worth any more dates

  • What a s***

  • I’m not a s***. I a happily married mother of 3.

    I just like to have a little action. F****** the same c*** for 25 years gets boring

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