Happy memories

I began j********** my nephew when he was 11. I caught him doing it in our barn. I loved to stroke his young smooth hardon. He was to young to make sperm, but he did o*****. I would get so wet when his c*** would begin to j*** and spasm in my hand. It wasn't long before i began to show him my b****** and p**** and we started masturbating together. I would c** so hard knowing we were doing something taboo. This continued until he was 14. My husband got a new job and we moved away. I still m********* to these hot memories.



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  • Disgusting pedo freak

  • Come and w*** me and I will come xxx

  • F****** sick people you lot are.

  • Wow. i wish this had happened to me when i was young.

  • When I was 11 or 12 I would hang out with my Aunt and her friend. They were in high school and would bring me when they went to dinner or the movies. I would hang out with them till I was 14 or so.

    We thought it was odd that they did not date but they were close friends. I remember going to the beach with them once and I saw them touching each others bikini bottoms. They were embarrassed. They were quite excited. You could see their pubes showing and their fingers were wet.

    I stood there looking at their bushes peaking out. They brought me to the van. Showed me what they where doing and then whacked me off. It was amazing. Especially when they made me lick their fingers. I loved the taste. Then begged them to let me try.

    I became a man that day. I got whacked off for the first time and got to finger and lick two p******

  • My father's twin sisters were the strange one in our family, they were 37 and lived together in a remote house in Maine. The summer I was 16 I saw sent there to live when my father died mom had died when I was 10.

    Within two days they seduced me. I also discovered they had been incestuous lesbian loves since they were 12 and my father had been involved with them all their lives. To them incest was normal.

    I became their husband. I was young and they trained my body to be able to have s** with them for hours.
    By October they were both pregnant. 30 years later, we still live and love together. I never wanted anyone sexually but them. Our 3somes last for hours.

  • S*** that never happed

  • My aunt did that to me also, it had been 25 years and we are still doing it. When I was 15, I knocked her up. My uncle, thinks the girl is his.

    She comes over 3 times a week for our fun. We can't get enough of each other.

    She 65, but her p**** is still so tight.

  • Wish I have someone like you

  • Lucky lady wa nking an 11 yr old's nice hard c ock, did you suck him off too?

  • That's disgusting

  • Emial me at vanzinos4@ gmail com so we could exchange naked pictures

  • Email me onlygodfrees@gmail.com

    Im a preacher son but i love being a sissie

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