Daughters **

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong ** to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The ** were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Next Confession

Wanna know whats awkward

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  • This never happened

  • Im a loser with no life and I wear ** and collecting ssi so I literally don't have anything better to do besides go toe to toe with Mr ** Poke

  • Ok, (raises hand) I'm a panty wearing freak. I admit it, it's out in the open!

  • Add me i wearpanties 24/7

  • For Gods sake, someone get the ** poke guy a Pent House Variations magazine! It's full of such articles.

  • Dude, word up! I'm 230lbs, if I put my son's jockeys on and he weighs 200lbs, his jockeys are gone be tight on me

  • It's pure physics! If the daughter is 100 pounds, and the mother is 101 pound's, the thong is gonna be small

  • Mmmmmmmm, I want me some ** poke

  • Dude, poke me in the ** Mr ** poke, do what you do best! Wait, yo supposed to poke you in the **, pull your britches down, I'm coming to poke you ** ** Poke

  • Is the ** poke back?

  • I still took baths with my brother, we were naked in the bath tub together (que the ** music) then after the bath i put on his dirty tidy-whities and wore then for 2 days until we took another naked bath together, which I then put on his dirty tidy-whities again.

    I don't think I wore a clean pair of underwear my entire childhood

  • ((((((hug me Judith))))))

  • I love you Judith

  • Is love to know if bella and Jude angel hug it out ever?

  • Does bella like group hugs mom?


  • I love her too

  • I love jude angel 213

  • Judeangel213 your my dream angel

  • What do you do for work Jude? Is it something you wear pantyhose to?

  • That's hot, love women and girls that play with themselves

  • Role reversal has a guy ever watched you play with yourself Jude?

  • You ever seen a guy and watched him jo Judith?

  • You know the best way to jo with pantyhose is to put your ** into the foot of the pantyhose and do it that way

  • Ever been worshipped Judith?

  • And or the daughter/mother

  • I'd be into worshipping the daughter

  • Well have a national bella day, where everyone worships bella

  • Judith for prez

  • She's got my vote

  • ** right she is!

  • That's a good mommy

  • Don't need to steal them, mom says she hands them out! Right mom?

  • I wanna steal bella's thongs and blame it on the 'sock monster' lol

  • Where does Bella buy her thongs Judith?

  • I wanna start collecting pairs of bella's thongs

  • They have become collector items now

  • Do they even still print magazines anymore

  • Would you let bella be on the cover of a magazine ms Jude angel?

  • Anyone remember the magazine Leg Show?

  • I get a kick out of pantyhose in church of the women and girls

  • My my my yes, I have even seen girls wear different color pantyhose does under shorts

  • I'm a fan of the blue, or purple tights you see the school girls wear with their uniforms

  • I am a fan of what is under a school girls tights

  • I like the ** color pantyhose women wear

  • Oh yeah, does bella wear any thigh high stockings?

  • Thigh highs are cool too

  • Pantyhose and skirts yessssss

  • Does she ever wear pantyhose? What brand pantyhose does bella wear?

  • What kind of socks does bella wear? I like socks

  • I like socks on a girl too

  • Miss judeangel213, do you mind if I j/o?

  • Wtf did I walk into here lol

    Jude/Judith? Is your name Biblical? Were you named after the bible?

  • Ok everybody! I got a confession! I was, WAS, more attracted to miss Jude angel, but I got to tell ya, I want Mr ** poke now! Sorry Jude angel....

    Mr ** Poke! What's up!

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