My only affair Part 2

I have had many responses to my first post and have been asked to tell more but I am not sure where to start.
Before Jim and I met I had a couple short affairs with guys but The very first guy happened the night before I graduated high school.
I had been brought up in a very Christian household and I was mostly shy and innocent but in my senior year I went to a regular high school when Dad was transferred to Calif.
It was all strange to me and I was shy to begin with all of the people in school being strangers and I only made a couple friends there and it seamed like all the girls could talk about were boys and brag about who they had been intimate with.
I was teased about still being a virgin at 17 but this was all new to me sort of I was not stupid but in the Catholic school they were very strict with us about s**.
I was curious though and listened to the other girls talk about s** and I was ashamed of myself for being so dumb about it and the last months of my senior year I decided to loose my virginity before I graduated but all of the boys that had to hit on me before were attached to some girl now and the only ones left were the bad boys .
Chuck was one that had hit on me a couple times and he was one of the better bad ones so the day before I graduated I caught him and actually told him what I wanted so he took me to the prom that night and we danced a few times then after it was over he had this old Toyota 4 door and he drove me into the alley behind our house and we got into the back seat I pulled my Prom dress up around my waist as he freed his c*** and I lifted my leg up over the back seat and hung my left leg on the floor as I held my panty's to one side so he could get his c*** in me ,
God it hurt like h*** at first and I kept telling him not to c** in me but he went nuts with me almost yelling not to c** in me but he did anyway then he just opened the door and buttoned his pants giving me dirty looks .
I stood there for awhile with his sperm leaking out of me and running down my legs wondering what to say or do but he got in his car and drove off.
I snuck into the house and went into the bathroom and cleaned up then changed into my night gown.
I saw him at the graduation but we didn't say anything to each other Boy I sweated out the next couple weeks but then I was relieved when I started my period .
I wouldn't meet Jim for another year.

Oct 4, 2020

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  • What a load of nonsense fiction

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