How did we get here.

I posted here before about how my husband and I had both lost our jobs due to covid and moved in with my mom, She lost her job a few months later and we resorted to me doing something I would have never even considered normally and posing nude for money which then led to me doing a "Scene" for money with my mom sitting in the same room staring at the wall because she didn't trust the whole thing to be safe and for me not to get murdered or something.
So...Fast forward and I had since done 2 more videos, Mom came to one and my husband sat in the car for one, Imagine coming out to the car and getting in with your husband after just spending an hour in a house getting laid by someone else for money, Felt like a total prostitute but we could make the bills for another few months. that was all I kept telling myself, My mom absolutely refused to ever let me go alone even though this time would have been my 5th time going to the same guy so she came with again, This time though he seemed less interested in me than he did in my mom. Hey, my mom is a cougar, I get it but I came here to do a scene, Let's get it over with but he kept pushing for my mom to somehow be involved and kept offering up numbers until finally he hit a number that apparently struck a cord with her and he had his scene.
My mom was to walk in on me and this dude and give us s*** and then decide to watch us and instruct me on how to "Properly" please my man. Wow what a weird awkward scene and it took over an hour and a half to get one scene done the way he wanted it and my mom left there feeling totally disgusted with herself for agreeing to it. A month later he started calling to talk to my mom, In that time I had gone to do one more scene and the guy was a total fail, Couldn't get it up and when he did he couldn't keep it up. My husband was out in the car and I suggested we do a scene together since he wasn't going to pay for me to do a half failed scene.
He agreed and I texted my husband to come in, The guy presented his proposal and my husband agreed, When he whipped it out the guy was like "Oh hey, You didn't tell me your husband was packing". Great scene, So much better with someone you are comfortable with and we left there having an appointment for another scene. When we got there I was less than impressed, There was another girl there and he wanted us to do a babysitter scene, I don't do girls so the idea he had was out, No chance of that happening so he came up with a new idea. I did not like any of his ideas that had my husband banging this girl but what was I to do, I had done scenes with other guys and we had a quickly put together idea for a scene.
I think I am a relatively well put together girl, I am no 23 year old bleached blonde bimbo with huge natural b****, A perfect butt and abs but I think I am alright however watching my husband not be able to start a scene soft was difficult to see. Some of my nager when I came bouncing into the room and caught them was probably real, I threw her on the bed and held her down while I told him to "Pound her hard", "This is your one chance", "Make it worth while" and so on and talked dirty while holding her down and jiggling her b**** at him, I sat with her head between my thighs and my skirt over her face while I watched him pound her and she had a real O and then we left.
Now to the real weird s***, My mom had been offered more than he offered me to do a scene with a guy, She refused to do a scene with a random p*** star and he called all three of us in, He sat us down and set a bundle of cash on the table and stared at us, We were all like "Uh...What is this?", He said he wanted a scene and this was a one time offer, He would never offer it again and was probably going to move on to a "Different group" going forward. I almost spit out my water and my mom just about stormed out until he said "Don't be hasty, I'll give you a minute" and left the room, My mom was like "Absolutely not", My husband was like "Whatever you decide" and I was like "What the actual F@#K", So there is a bundle of cash on the table and we can have it if we do a Mother/Daughter scene with my husband.
My mom had done one "Solo" scene and she was like "No, No, No", My husband just sat and listened as I said "Ok, Let's think this out logically", He must have been listening because as soon as my mom said "Oh my god, I can't believe I am agreeing to this" he came back in and my life took a HARD left turn. So you can probably find this online, If not it will be available soon, My mom is home alone and lonely, Blah blah, She is having a solo on the couch, We walk in and I say "Oh honey, You should help her" and it carries on, My mom is sitting beside my husband with his c*** in her hand, She is staring at it and visibly shaking, She takes a deep breath, Lets out a sigh, Wipes the pre come off with her thumb and leans in putting his c** in her mouth. He gets her on her back, The "Producer" instructs me to be the one to put it in, I very carefully make sure I don't touch my moms vag in any way but I do it, I rub his k*** on her and I shove his c*** in my moms v*****, Right in there. My mom gasps and says "Oh s***...Ahhh...Oh geez, gentle...Holy crap that's big" and the guy is loving his scene, He is right in there videoing the whole thing and then he has me undress and "Assist" them, Massagin my husband b****, Letting him suck my b****, Bending over and letting him lick and finger me all this while he is doing my mom, Just pounding away on her.
Finally, Finally the scene is about to end, My husband signals he is about to finish and the guy says "In your mouth", I say "F*** no" and he says "In yours" and mom is like "Aaahhhh...Really?...Ugh" but she lifts her head and opens her mouth and my husband pulls out, Shoves it in her mouth and my mom, Good lord, My mom gags and chokes and swallows my husbands load while I "handle" his b****. Afterward mom pulls back, Gasps for air and says "Oh my god...Gag...Do you always come that much?". So they have done 3 scenes together now and they bang at home also, Yeah, that's where my life is, My mom and husband do p*** scenes together, We all did one more basically reverse of the first and I do scenes with random guys and did my first threesome scene with my husband and a random dude. He keeps pushing for me to do a girl/girl but I haven't yet, Who knows, Might as well go full into the life now right?????

Oct 4, 2020

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  • Funny how people's motivators can be unpredictable. My wife is uptight in most things but easily influenced in a few surprising ways. Money would never motivate my wife, but happy group peer pressure works and so does arousing situations. When my sister-in-law cautioned my wife that the local tanning salon owners spy on the patrons, my wife soon became a regular. When the cops finally busted them, my wife refused to sign a complaint and admitted to the investigators that she only started going there because she knew that they spied on them. I bring all this up because it is normal to go with the flow on things you'd never dream you'd do if it just seem out there enough. As long as you're all having fun, stick with the ride.

  • Hot!
    If you can do this work, try Fans only . com
    Good $ and no touching others, more power to yourself. You can get sexy masks and do all sorts of kink for your fans.

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  • Sounds like it help pay the bills at least! Where can we find, view these movies at?? Really seems to super hot being you all know each other...

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