Are you a Mans Woman or Woman's Woman???

Im a woman that loves a man not women. I support men, I value the opinion of men. I'm not a threat to no other person. I'm not into competition with no other person. You are beneath me. And you will never be equal to me. You will never stand beside me or in front of me. I will never be your friend. You will never be the boss of me. You have to be a man for that position. I'm not disrespectful. I'm a woman that knows what she want from a man. I don't even go to no other doctor unless he is a man. I will only go to church unless its a man preacher from the bible. I'm not a feminist. I hate women. I only care about a man rights. I'm not going to apologize about how I feel or what I'm about. You either take me or don't take me at all. I will not change for no man. For the record I do have a husband that I love deadly. I will kill any other person that talks to my husband. Or even touch him. I'm not controlling. I just like to take charge. I don't trust no other person with my husband. I own him and he owns me. We love it like that. I'm a mans woman and I love it. So if you are a woman's woman. Get off my conversation.


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  • Wow!! You should love men, a man. One man only. And that's your husband. There are a lot of women that hate women and will never admit. And those are the ones you should not TRUST. Be true to yourself. And stay true. Because a lot of people are afraid to let their hate out for the likes of women.

  • WTF is wrong with this person?

  • Nothing

  • You need help go get it.

  • A woman hate another woman. You go get help

  • Skibbledy pibbledy serena williams. I see the anti-psychotics haven't kicked in yet. Respond with something unrelated and stupid as always

  • Serena Williams. You still hate her. Jealousy is terrible. Get a life for once

  • I'm a mans woman. I'm all for men

  • Same here

  • Me too

  • I love men with big pockets

  • ^all three are the same bitter black incel with woman issues

  • Black???
    Where did you get your info.
    Your dumb white behind wrote this stupid crap, looking for attention

  • BLM wins again

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