Football game

Back in the mid 1960,s it wasn't called hot wife of cuckolding it was called wife swap.
I was in my early 20,s at the time and my husband Bud and I had bought a house in Dublin Ca.
Back then they had this plan called a 235 and you could buy a house for $500 down and $125 a month it wasn't long before we became acquainted with other young couples and at one block party things got out of hand when someone brought up wife swapping.
The sexual revaluation was just beginning at the time and we were all about half drunk to boot so what the h*** we did swap wives it was a thing somebody brought up where we all put our car keys in a hat then the women reached in and took one out and whoever the keys belonged to you had to go home with him.
It was fun and we did this a couple times a month after that .
We also had football teams that competed with other projects and the guys had to each buy his own outfit and we tied colored ribbons around their arms for each team.
They usually only had enough guys to fill out a team 22 guys and some of these teams were from different towns .
We took tis serious and the first time it was brought up we were playing some guys from another town and they had over 30 guys to our standard 22 and Some of the wives were cheer leaders We only had 6 wives that could cheerlead and I was one of them and before the game we were confronted with the other teams cheerleading squad and they offered to make a bet with us about which team would win and we had watched our guys win several times now so we accepted The bet was which ever team lost the cheerleaders of the loosing team would have to suck off the winning team.
In the beginning of the 2nd quarter our team started loosing and no matter how much we told out guys to work harder they lost.
Our girls were collected and one of the apposing cheerleader squad went into tell our husbands that their wives were paying odd a bet.
Well we were blindfolded and made to get on our knees and very quickly I could smell the musky Odera c*** and I felt is c*** head against my lips .
H*** i could hear the other team talking and the winners whispering back and forth so I decided not to fight and I let him stick his c*** in my mouth then he grabbed my head and began to f*** my mouth .
It wasn't long before he came and it caught me off guard as his c** hit the back of my throat and I gagged but he held my head in an iron grip so I was forced to swallow or chock.
4 more guys took their pleasurer from me then we were delivered out to where our husbands were waiting and we all looked like we had sucked dozens of c**** c** covered the front of our blouses and our lipstick was smeared with out hair hanging in our faces.
Nancy one of our cheerleaders called me and said the the other team said they would like a rematch but with different results we had to let their guys f*** us but we were all young and didn't want to take the chance of getting pregnant when we swapped wives we always used rubbers and if we were blindfolded we wouldn't know if they had complied or not.
I an in my 70,s now and Bud died several years ago but we did the wife swap for years

Oct 5, 2020

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  • FYI, wife swapping, cuckolding, and hot wife are all different things just a matter of details.

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