My neighbor

I've been having secret s** with my neighbor for 4 years. We meet different places and have the best s** ever. I've even let him come f*** me at night on our back porch while my husband is inside sleep. I don't feel bad because the s** is better than my husband. I've done things with him that I don't allow my husband to do. My husband has no clue I'm a nasty s***. I've even spent the night with my neighbor in our spare bedroom. Well he's calling me me now to come outside. Time to play!

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  • My wife's best friend is our neighbour too. She told my wife that her husband is a diabetic and does not get hard ons anymore. And even when he gets is, his C*** is not too much of a stud. My wife then asked me to help her. I was anyways feeling that she's keen. After that slowly we did ffm and then i get sent to her home every now and then when her hubby travels. She loves it when i poke and p**** it deep in her super wet P****. She loves to suck it straight out of her p**** before are gets it back in her p**** again. 2 weeks back i made her squirt. It is getting better every next time. It's been about 3 yrs already. ;-)

  • I am in my 40's and my husband who is in his 40's never wants to have s** and not only that he's not good in bed and he knows it but has no desire to
    try to better himself .
    So I watch p*** to get my o***** .
    I did tho have a few one night stands on people I met on craigslist looking for s** .
    Well anyways .. we just moved to a new place a year ago and there is a
    guy who lives 2 houses down and I am outside all the time as he is
    working on his ATV and we look at each other then look away as I am watering the grass then look back .

    He has a g/f who comes over time to time but I know he is checking me
    out as he drives by on his ATV looking all cool with his sunglasses .
    I want him to come over ask me for a ride on his ATV and have s** in the
    woods !!!!

  • S** in woods is awesome. dont wait for him to make a move,go ask him for a ride today and get f***** today

  • I know how you feel, I've been f****** my neighbors wife for a few weeks now. She's such a good little s***! He used to whine to me how she isn't interested in him. I almost cant give her enough. Love sending her home from the "gym" all sweaty and smiling. Best part is she doesn't even make me pull out, she likes the "danger" going home full of c**.

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