Pounding my step daughter

Are used to let my stepdaughter sit on my d*** when she would have on her bikinis and leggings on that I would buy her. She love the attention that I would give her she would sit on me while we was laying on the couch feel my hard c*** throbbing against her ass she would slowly bounce up and down one time she caught me j********** with her bathing suit and she asked me if she could put it on before I got done she pulled the bottoms to the side show me her pretty little p**** I kissed it at night she loved it I gave her her first o***** when she was 12 within two weeks she was sucking and swallowing my loads and as I tell you this story right now she is lying here and her mom's negligee grabbing on my d*** as I rub her p**** with her mother's vibrator


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  • I watched 15 young niece getting off with a pool jet. She thought she was alone and had no idea I was watching. I jerked the first chance I got and still do thinking of the event. Actually I get aroused every time I see her. Especially in a bikini. She can use our pool anytime she wants. I only wish it was more often :)

  • The story makes me h****. I would like to play your part.

  • My step dad raised me from 1 years old. As far as I'm concerned he is my Daddy.

    My bio father was a drugged out pig who never was in my life and OD 3 years ago. When I was 8, he forced me to suck his c*** and swallow. Daddy didn't call the cops, but beat him so badly both his arm and legs were broken and he was blinded in one eye and had brain damage. Then Daddy dumped him in an empty lot.

    Mom died in December 2017, a month later I just got into bed with Daddy one night and within 15 minutes I guided his c*** inside me. He is f****** incredible in bed. I was 19 and had been with 14 other men of all ages so I know good s** from bad.

    Almost 3 years later, we a completely in love and f*** like rabbits two times a day. We 69, at least 3 times daily, I swallow every time.

    Life is perfect and I'm pregnant. I love my Daddy.

  • The Pedo's are replying below reply with disgust to wreck their JO session's..

  • Sick pedo incest posts! Go get some help, the local shooting range will help you.

  • I confess to getting a woody when swimming with my girlfriends daughter. I know it's wrong because she is only 15, But what to do when it just happens, except stay in the pool. I cannot imagine her sitting on me.

  • It's not wrong, it's just a physical reaction

  • I would love to see the video of the parents shooting you right between your eye's. pedo

  • I bet you would love to f*** her tight young c u n t

  • I am now i couldnt help myself shes so beautiful everything i ever wanted out of her mother i f*** her mom and think about her

  • Free lead injections. just go tell their parents for free lead.

  • I certainly do and hope she has a younger sis with a tighter cu nt

  • Got lead? Will gladly inject some into your sick head.

  • Sick PEDOs Quit and go hide before someone finds you and kills you.

  • My 17 yo stepdaughter arouses me so much I cannot stop thinking of her and what I want to do to here. She too hot and wears next to nothing at times. She knows she is teasing me. I cannot help but stare, and I do look more than I should, when the wife is not around. We have only been married six months, but I don't like where this is going. My 34 yo wife is hot, but nothing like her daughter. I confess, I want to have unlimited s** with my stepdaughter.

  • FUCKyouSICKfuckDIE

  • Yes I bet hot young fresh c u n t. Pert t***. Lovely.

  • You FUCKINGretardASShole

  • Get this through your head. Incest occurs very rarely. Only a few sick focks commit incest. Thats a fact you can't change by lying about it. Incest is not common place in Society. Most families do not have incest. If incest was on the rise then Society would do something about it. But it is not. So stop lying about most sons or daughters who would want to have s e x with their parents. The real truth is that most kids while growing into adults are turned off by parental s e x or having s e x with a parent. Most children as they grow mentally develop differently from their siblings and go in separate ways. Those are real facts that will not change.

    They will never make incest legal! If it was made legal then the right to reproduce would have be made legal.
    Schools are teaching children about s ex ual abuse and to report it even more than before.

    You mainly post incest shitt because you are fascinated by the taboo of incest. Not that you have had incest. But you will lie about that too. You are anti-society sick focks that got go. Go watch fake po rn and hide in secrecy.

  • But if it's not blood relation, it's not incest. They learn early how to tease and push you to the limit. I have one that makes me hard, no matter how hard I try not to let it happen. I have not done more than look, google, and imagine. Hopefully it stays that way. I am scared.

  • You won't! You have a mental problem that there is only one cure for it. Death! Do the world and some kid a favor and blow your brains out. Before you harm a child and end up getting buttFUCKEDin prison.

  • By law it is incest DUMBfuck.

  • I just came. I hear my step masturbating and can only imagine.

  • You are a RETARDEDsickfucking PEDO

  • Love to watch her

  • FUCKyou and your pedophilic post A$$ whole. Drop dead.

  • Omg 12

  • Stupid Dreamer Go hang yourself.

  • Great age nice n tight

  • Your A SICKfuck too.

  • I wish you could feel her sliding down my shaft and being my little slutty barbie

  • Go back to the panty wearing posts sickFUCKINGassHOLE.

  • I want it too

  • I want to hang you from a tree.

  • Omg little barbie knickers

  • FUCKyouASShole stupid toothless Britt with a she-male queen. They are called panties A******.

  • Love the tiny cotton ones, suck the pee dribbles and taste her p ussy

  • How dumb and sick can you get. Start taking you meds again SHITT head

  • I see me sisters daughters in barbie knickers I had to look

  • I hope you sister see's you and kills you.

  • Great, how old?

  • Hit me up on wicker me. Hotstuff1237.

  • I would love to hit you all over with my fists. Pedo

  • 9 I don’t no why I looked but I did as she sat watching tv with her legs open

  • Because kids don't know better SICKfuck leave them alone.

  • Lovely, her panties would smell and taste so nice

  • Hotstuff123

  • You ain't hot you ain't shitt A$$wipe

  • Love to see the blood pouring out of your head when you get caught.

  • I wanted to take her knickers off.

  • They are panties stupidFUCK. Love to see your purple head when you are swinging from a tree.

  • She probably wanted you too also, let you see her little baldpussy

  • Her mom wants to kill you and I hope she does.

  • I bet it looks lovely

  • Would love to snap your neck.

  • For sure it would, feel and taste even nicer

  • Time for another beheading.

  • Yes but I don’t think my sister would like me feeling her little c u n t.

  • When they find your dead body I hope you have maggots crawling out your eyes.

  • Not your sisters c u n t you would be feeling!! Maybe she would like seeing her princess getting fingered and licked

  • When you are sitting in jail hope twenty inmates take turns buttFUCKINGyou.

  • Licked omg. She dus put her in pretty little knickers.

  • Stupid Britt bubba is waiting for you in prison.

  • Got to luv a mum that puts sexy KNICKERS on her little girl, nice if they are crotchless showing her childcu nt

  • You FUCKINGsick toothless Britt hope someone stabs you slowly to death.

  • There not that sexy just pretty knickers with little motives on them like kisses.

  • A****** may someone take a sledge hammer to you head.

  • I told you they are called panties re tard can't understand simple things you stupidFUCKhead

  • I hope you get caught and that person puts lead in your sick head.

  • Mmmmm lovely

  • Another SickFUCKassHOLE

  • Pipka

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