Shared wife got out of control

Not very often , but a few times i have talked my wife into having s** with other men and telling me about it. the first one was an old boyfriend on the floor in out living room. she has submissive needs and she said said he just wouldn't let me say no. one very hot one was she was training to inspect 18 wheelers and let this big trucker do her in the cab. it took her awhile to tell me about that one, but i could tell something had happened.
Before the lock down there was this road crew at a small redneck bar we go to for her to flirt with other men. I'm 54 my wife is 41 and there was one guy younger about 26 was hot for sandy. We ran into him alone at the bar. he said that his coworkers had gone to s strip joint and left him to put up the equipment. i talked my wife into taking him back to the place they were staying. she dropped me off first. he got her to try pot and they had s** 2x before she feel asleep in only his button up white shirt.
she doesn't know how long it was before the other men came in and busted into his room. they saw our car outside. they were drunk and turned on by the strip joint. talked really nasty to her and him. asking him how she good she was and she tried to joke about it. asking her where her f** husband was. and they they would tell me and out friends what a w**** she was. it started getting nasty but she was very turned on too . she got up to get dressed they tried to make her shotgun from a liquor bottle. it spilled down the front of the white shirt and made it see through.. sandy ha 40d b**** with big red nipples and they could see them. she was very turned on.

they took her shirt off and told her to let them watch her suck the first man. and she did it saying if i do u will not tell anyone. I wonder if they could tell how hot she was getting. i think they could. one of the men was black nd they asked her if she had ever done black. she had not and before she knew it his c*** was in her mouth. he came in my wife's pretty mouth very quickly and they lined up to do her. over and over. her mouth her p**** and even her ass 2x. she lost count of how many times and she came and came.
she says she will never do that again but they want to "party' with her more and i can tell she is going to do it.

Oct 11, 2020

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  • That b**** wanted it so bad. She only pretended to resist. She came so many times.

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