What Am I?

I'm biologically female, I'm 31 I should've figured out the whole sexuality gender thing by now, but I'm so confused it hurts
I thought i was straight, I thought all those crushes i had on girls were a phase, I love the male body , but I don't like the idea of being "the woman" in this scenario. I love more like a man than a woman. I think I'm in love with my female, married best friend and there's nothing i can do about it.
I don't know what I am? am i male? female? both? neither?
am i straight? gay? bi? whatever?
I hate my body and I hate this confusion and I'm a total mess

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  • Get a shrink and a rope. Maybe the shrink will talk you out of using the rope. We hope the shrink helps tighten the noose around your neck.

  • Make sure your outside in public display what you feel inside. have peace with yourself. MTF means you are a female: act and dress like it. remove any act or thought of a male. Act what you display. Surround yourself with the same. I was in your shoes. it worked for me.

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