How my doctor fund out why my ** was the size of a man's

Alright i was 7 year's old and i always wonder'd what is the big that was swinging between my leg's and i so i asked my father he said it's your ** and so alot of ya'll must be wondering now how is this a confession now just wait and ill tell you alright so when i was around 5 years old i was in the bath i had a a regular 5 year old's ** now so here is the confession i found a two blue pills that i thought was candy and so i took one and i swallow'd it now i went to bed and i woke with a man size ** i didn't think any think of it and then 2 years has past and i was still taking the pills until my father found out at the doctor's so we went for my 7 year old check up and what the doctor saw blow'd her mind she didn't believe what she saw and then they had check me out and that's when father asked me a serious question he asked michael did swallow some of the blew pills and i shooked my head and said dad they were candy right he said no and told the doctor what happen'd and so they said they cant do any thing and now i'm 13 and my girl like's it so a with a big ** come's great responsibility and don't worry i use protection really my girl want's a child but not right now now u see this is my confession

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