Im a 13 year old boy and i like girls stomach's

I know right ew he has a weird fetish now let me tell you how it happened alright so buckle up it was a friday just like any other so my parent's are out on a really long business trip and i did normal teenage stuff had party's and i will admit i drank a little so after everybody goes home my girl told me she was going to go home and bring her stuff over and as she did that i hear my girl ringing the door bell and when i went to open the door i heard her thinking to her self about some type of fetish i didn't really pay any attention to her so we had a little fun we did what any regular teenager's would do alone so then we got tired and she ask can we watch a movie i was so tired i really just did not care so we stared to watch the movie my girl new i was about go to sleep and so you remember that fetish i said she was talking about yea that was it and so when i fell asleep that's when it happened i woke to weird but satisfying noises and i was to tired so i just fell back to sleep and so then when i woke up again the noises got louder and i kinda felt a little turn'd but i didn't know so i get up to find on my girlfriends stomach and she wanted to test the fetish out on me to find a weird thing that i didn't know that can turn me on and then she woke up and clearly she checked if i was hard and she asked to get freaky but of course i did use safety first cause i'm not trying to pay for child support so yea that's how'd it happen'd

Oct 13, 2020

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  • Lemme send you some girls nudes lol they have cute stomachs. I'll send you my younger sisters

  • Come back when you've had an education. Duh......

  • You was on her stomachhb

  • Wut

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