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I just thought the debates over the past couple weeks were an insurpassable embarrassment to our country, but watching the Supreme Court nomination hearing today, I realized that the U.S. Senate is by far a greater embarrassment, with all the Judiciary Committee taking every opportunity to show they **, rather than engaging the candidate on legitimate approaches to the work of the Court and to her theories of law, and to the place of the judicial branch within the constitutional structure. I'm certainly no Trump fan, but he is the President and his candidate deserved a hearing that was more about her history than about Committee **. Huge Embarassment!! HUGE!

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I really, and i mean really, want to kill my step-dad

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  • I admit I'm not a trump fan. But I believed that, whenever and however he left office,whether by impeachment or election, things would improve immediately. That the division that has occurred in this country would begin to seal, if not heal.
    But I see now that was foolishness on my part. I think even a clearcut Biden victory will not--- perhaps CANNOT --- resolve any of the differences that exist. In fact, I think the argument can be made that a win by Biden will actually only make matters worse. And the divisions will then go on long-term, without resolution, but with more anger and maybe even more violence. My greatest fear is we end up in civil war. I hope that fear is also foolishness. I pray that it is JUST foolishness. Pray with me that it is no more than that. Please?

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