Bull confession

I don't usually post on these things. The current climate has made me reflect and this seemed the most neutral place to confess. I will start by telling you that I feel no guilt.

I am a Bull and have been a bull for the past ten years. I take absolute pleasure in seducing and f**king married women. My preference is for voluptuous women (fat in t**s and a**). However, the most important factor is that ring on her finger.

I started in pick up artistry but when I discovered my bullhood I never went back and pretty much stuck to married women exclusively. I work as a performance artist and writer, I'm trained in martial arts ( A must for any true Bull. No fear of being caught) and have a big d*ck.

I no few boundaries.

When f**king the wife of a long term friend she told him she had to go away on his birthday. I also made my excuses (knowing I was putting it in his head). Before we f**ked she held my d**k and I took a photo (so it looked like selfie) and sent it to him.

I f**ked my own brothers wife for several years (incredible t**s). He is probably raising my seed.

I slept with one cucks wife and daughter (seperately). The mother had bigger t**s and hated her husband. She would laugh and call him peanut d**k. The daughter was lovely. In college and kinky. I made a rule that she could only call me D*ddy. This was my favourite conquest.

Being a Bull is a commitment and I consider it my purpose. Our society disguises the law of the jungle. That there is an order in things. The part that makes a lot of men uncomfortable is the importance of a big d**k.

I knew a man who was f***king his daughter in law. To me he is a hero. I have no sympathy with his son at all. He showed me a picture of the b**ch. Enormous t**s and a**. Any man who wouldn't f**k her isn't worthy of his c**k and b****.

I'm working on a memoir. A true collection of my conquests and perhaps some tips on the skill of Bull seduction. I briefly had a website up with photographs and videos of some conquests but had to take it down.

I really have no sympathy for cucks. I enjoy that my d**k is bigger. I enjoy that they don't know or are suffering. Most of all I enjoy that I can make their wives love my d**k more than them.

As I say, I have no regrets. I will keep doing it until I can't. I will spread my superior seed. I worship t**s and a** (bigger the better).

Oct 19, 2020

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  • You’re the kind of Man I want my wife to become a crazy s*** for.

  • Aren’t you concerned that you’re ruining a guys life f****** his wide?

  • Fake bull

  • Reading this is such a turn on, I've fantasised about my wife getting f***** by another man I dont know why but it gets me really hard.
    Would love to know more, hope you do do a memoir, would love to read it

  • It turns me on too

  • Being a Bull is not about sneaking around f****** married women. It’s a three way relationship with the wife and cuckold.

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