Horses and bulls

I thought this was a little embarrassing, I'm a guy, but still, yesterday I was driving around in the country just killing some time and enjoying that fresh air. I stopped on this gravel road to take a leak, next the fence were a bunch of cattle.
This one cow was in heat and a big black angus bull was trying to breed her, but she wasn't ready yet and wouldn't stand to let him mount. I watched him try several times without success, there were 4 horses in with the cows, one bigger mare, and three good sized pony mares.
After the bull failed to mount the cow, he walked over to this one bay pony mare and instantly mounter her. She started to move away but the bull got in the right position and slipped the d*** to her hard and deep. When he got off she stood there humped up and holding her tail up and to the side. For some reason I felt embarrassed about watching that.

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  • That's hot. She was c****** her ass off

  • That's a real c*** and bull story.

  • In the midnight hour she cried Mare, Mare, Mare.

  • I'm not surprised you felt embarrassed, witnessing this. I would as well.

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