S.. With my Sister in Law

So I've been married fourteen years, and things between us have been great, however my wife's step sister, let's say is a little tramp who I actually never even noticed until two years ago, when she started dressing acctractively, and showing of some huge knockers and a sexy shape, which I never seen before, as she has always been dressing with large clothing. So i began getting these sexual thoughts in my mind and picturing her with these other men which got me aroused and thinking well why not f**k me. I'm a good looking guy, so I tricked her dad into getting her number and I made up enough courage to call her but pre tended I was someone else, who admired her from afar and wanted to meet. Not knowing me at all she shot me down immediately so I had to come up with another plan to get her. Sometime after I decided to call as my self and asked her how she was going, and where exactly she is at this very moment, supprisingly she close by to where I was so I decided to pick her which she agreed to. So I swung by in my car and picked her up and I told her that I have something for her and she should close her eyes, which she did and immediately kissed her on the lips and returned. We then drove our of the carpark without say another word to each other until I got to a secluded area where we came out and chat. I confessed to her that I secretly fantasized about hear and wanted to f**k her. She said nothing but ok and asked how did all these feelings came about and I expressed to her that I have been watching her for sometime, and this really made me h****, we kissed for some brief moments and then she asked if I could drop her to work. I regretably complied howeve, on our way there I made a detour to a local motel and asked her to wait in the car, I got room and asked her to come with me which she did hesitantly. However inside the room we sat on the bed I told her everything and she confessed that she was unhappy in her relationship, and it all happened from there, I unzipped my pants and placed my c**k in her mouth and she sucked me with slowly enjoying ever inch of me in mouth, I played with her breast and then her p****y and the we f**ked hard until I came all over her b******. It's been five years since that encounter and we meet sometimes but I have feelings to get her pregnant as my wife and I are without children and I am really looking forward to becoming a dad, I know if it happens to keep my marriage I would have to lie about it but I'm still willing to take the chance, plus I love f**king the b****.

Jan 6, 2017

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  • What's the sexy shape of the yak that you'd never seen before? Was she hexagonal? Or like a hand-carved Neolithic Earth Mother, with an enormous swaying stomach, maternally gargantuan busoms, and no head or arms? Or is she serpentine, like you?

  • You are an awful human being to do this to your wife. Total garbage.

  • Wow! WOW! This is a very hot arrangement you have going here, and a very sexy relationship. It is, as you already know, quite risky, but it sounds to me like you've already evaluated everything and found that the rewards -- a beautiful and incredibly well-built partner, an eager and skilled lover, and a potentially outstanding mother for the children you desire -- MORE than outweigh those risks. You'd be placing a great deal of trust in this girl, but if she's on board with the family planning (which I really hope she is), then I think you're on solid ground. My hope is that you'll keep us posted here and let us know how things are progressing, with this wonderful extracurricular relationship and with getting her pregnant and helping to raise the children. I think this is a beautiful thing, and I wish you only success and happiness. Thanks for sharing your situation with us.

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