Good night Jenna.

Last night I was at a buddies house working on a car in the garage, We were having beers and I asked where his wife was, He shrugged and said "Who knows, Out with friends", I left it at that and when we were almost ready to go for a test drive his wife came stumbling into the garage somewhere around 2:00 am. I noticed almost immediately that she was not wearing a bra, She is a pretty woman, Short, slim but has wide hips and a bum to kill for and is small chested, She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and opened the garage door, Came in and said "Oh, Here you f****** are" and was visibly trashed, My buddy looked at me, looked at her than back at me and then shook his head and said "We can see your b****".
From the waist down and the neck up his wife is HOTTTT, Love her short, Freckly legs, Her great ass, Can't keep my eyes off her hips in a bikini when we are at the lake, Beautiful face, Cute, freckly face, Gorgeous eyes, Nice reddish brown hair (Real color unknown), She has always had a smaller chest and has a few kids who were all breast fed two years minimum so her b**** are not great, small, Sagged out and whatever but she doesn't have one single stretch mark anywhere on her body. Anyway she looked down and realized her shirt was partially see through and put her arm across her chest, Said "Check your phone" and left, he grabbed his phone and opened it, Looked at me, looked at the door and back at me, Held up his phone and it was a picture of her in the mirror, She had her shorts pulled down with one hand with "Wanna????" on it.
We had a chuckle and he handed me his phone, I took a look at her and said "Hmmm, Bald?", He laughed and said "It f***** better be for what I pay for laser treatments", We had a laugh and I siad "Well dude, Not to be rude or whatever but that is a nice p****", He put his phone away and said "Test drive?", I said "yeah but we will have to go out on the highway", Obviously I thought he meant the car and had planned on doing some burnouts, He laughed and said "No I mean do you want to test drive her" and I laughed and said "Dude I would destroy her...Obviously if she was single and whatever", He said "Let's go f*** her", I laughed and he said "No, I am serious", I was like "What??, Shut up" and he said "I'm just sayin, I have always wanted to tag her and she is obviously s*** faced and h****....Might be the time".
I thought for two seconds and said "I'm in", We bolted for the house and went to the bedroom, He opened the door and she sat up on her elbows saying "About f***** tiiiii, Whoa, Hey" and pulled the covers over her, he just crawled on top of her and she was like "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa I, No....No...We shouldn't" and he just started kissing her neck and groping her, She kept looking over his shoulder at me and I crawled up on the bed on the other side of her. In about 30 seconds we were all naked and she kept saying "baby I don't think we should....We haven't talked about this....What about...." and then he pushed her down and got on his knees beside her face, I put my hands on her knees and she kept a little pressure on them as I slowly pushed them open.
Yeah, Wow, beautiful p****, Not a single hair from her tiny little perfect pink butt hole right to the front, Nothing, Everything all pink and tucked in nice, No inner lips showing...At all, I dove in and she smelled and tasted great, As soon as my tongue touched her p**** she moaned "Oh gooooddddd noooo" then her whole body shivered and she tilted her head back and then it was on. He lifted one of her legs and I tongued both hole while she sucked him and then I started shoving fingers in and had my pinky in her absolutely perfect little bum hole, She winced as I put it in and said "gentle, gentle, gentle", I put two fingers in her p**** and she laid back as he straddled her face and I watched her suck his b****, After a minute or so she reached down and pushed my hand away saying "I don't like that, Go wash your hands".
I looked at him and he nodded toward the bathroom, I washed my hands faster than I ever have and when I came back she was on her hands and knees, I dove into her from behind and she only took his d*** out of her mouth long enough to moan and say "Oh yeah, that's...that's...yup" and I was all over her from behind with my tongue, P****, a******, Everything. I got on my knees behind her and slid it in and she was so tight and wet, He leaned back and pulled his d*** out of her mouth and watched as I f***** her, I rubbed her butt hole with my thumb and she moaned "Not in, Just that", I grabbed her hair and pulled it while I pounded her.
On and on the night went and she was ready to quit waaaaayyyyy before we actually did, We had to break out the lube but she was a trooper and after she came she laid back and we just f***** her over and over and over and I am pretty sure she passed out a time or two somewhere in there but we just kept pounding her. She swallowed and had so much come on her and in her and finally there was no possible way anyone was getting hard again so we just laid there laughing and giggling and pinching and pulling and flicking her stretchy, Wrinkly nipples, We would pull her t*** up and shake and wiggle them and laugh, We would flick her nips hard, like frickin hard and she would just grunt and rub them, Finally after half an hour or so of fingering her and abusing her nipples we got out of bed and went to the garage.
We had a beer and discussed pounding the s*** out of her and he told me he wanted to do it more some time and I said I was more than happy to oblige. I left and walked home and didn't wake up until early afternoon, when he banged on my door, I answered the door and he came in, Looked at me and said "Soooo, I might need a place to stay for a bit", I said "Oh f***", He said Oooohhhh man is she p*****".
We sat down and he said this morning they woke up and he had his arm over her, She flung his arm off and got out of bed going to the bathroom, He went and opened the door and she was sitting on a bench in the walk in closet holding her b****, He said she looked up at him and said "You f****** a******, Oh my god, What did you do", He said she had tears running down her cheeks and said "Everything hurts, Oh god". He said she took her hands away and touched her nipples and winced saying "What the f*** did you do to my nipples, f*** they hurt", She crossed her legs and said "My p**** hurts, My f****** a****** hurts you f****** d***, What the f***". He said he just shrugged and she said "You f*****...You...You raped me, You realize that?, I was drunk and vulnerable and you took advantage of that, You took advantage of me and..." then he said she started whispering and said "You let ***** f*** me...He f***** me....Do you realize that....He...F*****...Me...and....In the f****** house with the kids home, What the f*** is wrong with you two, What if one of the kids woke up, you brought ***** into our bedroom with full intensions of him f****** me....In our bedroom, With kids in the house, You turned me into a dirty f****** w**** in front of my kids".
He kept going on about what she was saying and how we took advantage of her and then he said she told him "You need to go", He said "What?" and she said "Right now you need to go...Be out of my sight...Just...Away". he assured me she will calm down but it may take a day or two....Good grief I hope she does, This is not a good situation.

Oct 21, 2020

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  • Me and a buddy tag his wife 3-4 times a year, He doesn't know but I had a crush on her all through high school.

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